Best Android Games – July 2019


Mobile games often have a bad reputation and to be fair there's good reason for the negativity. It's not that there aren't any good mobile games. On the contrary, there are tons of them, some are even excellent, praiseworthy games that deserve plenty of attention. There's just a lot of terrible games available on mobile and unfortunately the sheer number of them sometimes makes it hard to find the ones that are worth your time.

You can browse the Play Store and find a gem or two, but with the number of games on the Play Store and with the way that Google mostly focuses only on the games that it features in its curated lists, it's not as easy as one might think to just browse through every game there is. If you're on the hunt for a new mobile game to try out, we've put together a list of some of the best games right now that might strike your fancy, and they may not. With that said, there's a healthy variety of different genres to suit different tastes.

Shiba Force


Admittedly this one is likely to capture the attention of gamers who have a thing for Shiba Inus more than anyone else, but it offers up some casual gameplay that doesn't demand too much of your time in terms of sitting down to actually interact with the games controls and features. Shibokyo is under attack and you'll need to summon shiba heroes to defend it.

There's a short tutorial in the beginning that shows you how to play but to be quite honest it's not really needed. There isn't a lot of different elements to this game and that's part of what makes it a fun title. You simply send your Shibas on missions and they'll eventually come back with some form of loot, whether it be gold coins which are your digital in-game currency, or special items and treasures to keep in your collections. Sometimes they'll even find diamonds, the premium currency, which can be used to recruit new shiba heroes to the Shiba Force.

The game does offer in-game purchases for speeding up timers and such, and they can easily feel like a massive paywall if you try to play this game too much. That's not really what this game is about though, it's more about the casual style of play and the collection of cute little shiba dogs, along with the adorable graphics that simply make this an enjoyable game when you have a little bit of downtime. If you love Shibas, and if you played games like Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector and enjoyed it, then you may enjoy this too.



In the mood for something a little more unique? Look no further than Minit. Minit is an adventure where you complete missions by helping people around your local town. What's unique is that the game is played out in bite-sized chunks of 60 seconds. There's a theme behind this too, as the world has a curse which causes days to last for only a minute before the next day starts. It's your job to lift this curse and bring normalcy back to the people.


The game has a retro feel thanks to the black ad white 8-bit visuals, so if you're feeling nostalgic than this might be a good fit.



TEPPEN is Capcom's newest mobile game in partnership with GungHoOnline and it's a card battler that pulls characters from some of Capcom's most famous franchises like Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Mega Man and more. There's more of a focus on campaign-style gameplay than you might think, with a story mode that you unlock new heroes to choose from as you complete their stories in a single player mode so that you can then later use them against other players in a PvP battle.

Like all card battlers there will be tons of cards that you can collect so that you can build up the perfect deck and achieve victory during matches. Each hero in the game, be it X, Ryu, or Dante, will have their own unique super ability called Hero Arts which can be used after you charge up the capability to deploy it. The game also features some pretty cool animations for when Hero Arts and other character attacks are used, which adds a little bit fan service to the overall experience.


Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad

If you're into platformers then this one's for you. It feels reminiscent of games like Metal Slug but it has a a few modern touches that break it away from the simple run and gun gameplay that Metal Slug is famous for. While there is plenty of that, you'll also be able to build up your base and improve its defenses, take on powerful bosses, and battle against other players in a PvP arena if you want some competition.

Naturally you can expect loads of different weapons to outfit your arsenal in various missions, and the visual aren't too bad to look at either.


The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

Ubisoft's Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is just the kind of game you should check out if you love the style of game that focuses on always giving you new and better gear. Of course you'll have to hunt for it, you won't just get it for nothing. Controls are intuitive and easy to master so there's not a big learning curve for getting better at the game, it's really all about beating each mission and searching for better weapons and armor so you can take on more powerful foes.


You will start off as a weak little hero but eventually as you level up and get stronger stuff you will grow into a full-blown warrior ready to take on anything that stands in your way of sweet, sweet treasure, and Ubisoft says the PvE story gameplay is huge which means you should have hours and hours of game time with this one.

Dark Sword 2

Dark Sword 2 is all about action and though it looks like the combat might be simple just by glancing at photos, surprisingly it offers combo attacks, utilizing a series of taps and long presses on the game's digital buttons. You can dodge too. If you played the original Dark Sword then this is not too different. It has better graphics and plenty of new content to dig into.

It's an action RPG so along with the beautiful combat you can upgrade your character with new skills as you level up throughout the over 100 missions. Dark Sword 2 also has a crafting system in place whereas the original did not.

Dr. Mario World

Rounding out this list is Nintendo's latest mobile title, Dr. Mario World. Despite the game's inclusion of things like an energy system and timers on replenishing that energy, which is partially used up every time you start one of the levels even if you don't beat it, the game is still quite fun.

It's not like the original Dr. Mario in every single way like you might remember from its days on the NES console, but it has enough of the same elements to make it feel familiar. It's easy enough to pick up and play so as not to push away more casual players, but it has a few challenges thrown in here and there that will certainly appeal to the more hardcore players. There are multiple doctors to choose from each wit their own unique special abilities, and you can recruit assistants that will give you a boost of some sort.

If you don't mind having to put this one down once in a while to let the energy gauge go back up, the puzzles within are rewarding and you should get plenty of enjoyment out of it.