Appy Pie Announces the Launch of Their Live Chat Software – A Service That Gives Small Businesses Big Opportunities

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Customers expect quick responses and instant gratification. Expecting them to wait for days or even hours for a response is almost unrealistic. All companies, big or small need to make sure that all queries are met with instant response and this is one of the most common struggles faced by companies of all scale and size. The bigger players are generally the first to adopt technology driven solutions which gives them an edge over everyone else. They can afford to do this simply because they have bigger budgets and higher risk-taking capacity. The field of customer service is no different and Live-Chat customer care has made a massive difference in the field. Live chat customer support can bring about a massive improvement from a pure business standpoint as your customer support executives can easily offer real-time assistance to the aggrieved customers or even prospects.

Like any other breakthrough technology, Live Chat too has exclusively been used by those who have deep pockets and are established player. For small businesses particularly, live chat software (though a necessity) has been more of an aspiration.

Appy Pie, the pioneer in the field of no code app building has made it possible for millions of small business owners and professionals to create their own apps. Now, they have announced their entry in the field of customer service. In their trademark no code, easy to use format, Appy Pie is now offering its live chat software that will let the small businesses integrate live chat in their websites and mobile apps seamlessly.


Appy Pie’s Live Chat software is simple, needs no coding skills, and has the potential to turn into the go-to solution for companies or entities who are working on a budget. All you need to do is sign up and subscribe with Appy Pie and you get a dashboard, then add the software key in the source code and you’re all set!

The underlying philosophy at Appy Pie is to provide the small businesses with affordable technology so that they can be at par with the industry giants and offer their customers a satisfying experience. Serving the customers to their satisfaction is the basic and most critical aspect of any business and when you have a live chat software to cater to them in real time, you are doing things right!

Using Appy Pie’s Live Chat software small businesses can serve their customers better and have a brighter chance of retaining their customers or bringing in new ones.


The beloved no-code app builder Appy Pie is now all set to expand their portfolio and offer additional products and services that can help small businesses and entrepreneurs leverage cutting edge technology at a fraction of the cost and offer their products to a bigger audience. The newest product – Live Chat software from Appy Pie will help businesses communicate better and faster with their customers, improving their experience and increasing their loyalty to the brand.