Facebook's Apps Have Been Most Downloaded In Q2 2019, Globally


App Annie, a company that does app analytics and app market data, just released a new report for Q2 this year. The company notes that Q2 2019 was the largest quarter yet, as far as both downloads and consumer spending is concerned.

Consumers actually downloaded over 30.3 billion applications in the second quarter of this year (that goes for both iOS and Android, together), and do note that these are only new installs, re-installs, and app updates are not included in this number. Consumers spent nearly $22.6 billion in Q2 2019, on apps, which is a 20-percent increase compared to the same period last year.

If you're wondering what's the comparison between demand for iOS and Android apps in Q2, well, the demand for Android apps grew quite a bit, which can not be said for iOS applications. App Annie notes that Google Play app downloads grew 10-percent YoY (Year-over-Year) in Q2 2019, to nearly 22.5 billion.


Google Play actually led iOS as far as global download are concerned, by 185-percent, which is quite staggering. This is a 15-percent increase compared to the first quarter of this year, and that is also quite surprising.

As far as Google Play is concerned, emerging markets are the main reason why we're seeing this growth. Brazil. India, and Indonesia were the top three markets for both total downloads and YoY growth in Q2 2019.

Egypt, on the other hand, was the #2 market for YoY growth in market share. On iOS, for comparison's sake, China, Japan, and the US were leading the charge, as those are the main three markets for iOS app downloads in the second quarter of this year. Brazil, Japan, and the US were the top markets for YoY absolute growth in Q2, and also YoY growth in market share as far as iOS apps are concerned.


Google Play has seen growth in downloads for non-gaming apps at 15-percent YoY, which managed to surprise quite a few people. Now, as far as app spending is concerned, well, iOS is still in the lead, quite a considerable lead.

App spending grew about 20-percent YoY in Q2 2019 on both stores, so iOS managed to keep its lead. iOS consumers spent almost $15 billion on apps, while Google Play spending was closer to $8 billion. It is worth noting that consumers are spending on games way more than on your regular applications. On iOS, consumers spent around $4.9 billion on apps (out of almost $15 billion overall), while only about $1 billion went to apps on Android (out of $8 billion overall).

Consumers in Japan, South Korea, and the US spent the most money on Android apps in Q2 2019, while China, Japan, and the US lead the charge as far as iOS applications are concerned. App Annie noted Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok as breakout apps in Q2 2019. Snapchat has seen a huge downloads increase due to its new AR filters, while YouTube broke into the top 5 by consumer spending as more and more consumers turn to mobile to stream their favorite content, and more and more of them decide to unlock YouTube's paid features.


TikTok ranked highly as far as downloads in Q2 2019 are concerned, while the same can be said for the average smartphone monthly active users. App Annie also released a list of top apps on a global scale for Q2 2019.

In terms of downloads, (Facebook) Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, and Instagram are leading the charge. In the consumer spending section, Tinder, Netflix, Tencent Video, iQIYI, and YouTube are at the top.

If you're wondering what's the order in the Average Monthly Active Users category, well, WhatsApp, Facebook, and (Facebook) Messenger, are at the top, and are followed by WeChat and Instagram.


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