Anker's Brand New Ultra Slim USB-C PD Wall Charger Is Already Discounted

anker powercore atom iii deal AH

Anker has just released a new USB-C PD wall charger, and it is already discounted a good 21-percent. Making this the perfect time to pick one up. Just use the promo code ANKER141 at checkout to save $7.

This new wall charger is the PowerPort Atom III, and it’s a slim USB-C PD wall charger. Why is it so slim? Thanks to GaN. That stands for gallium nitride. Which takes up less space and keeps the components cooler than silicon does. Which is what every other charger on the market uses right now. This is why it is so much smaller, but likely outputs more current than most other chargers on the market.

Anker managed to pack 30W of power in this small USB-C PD wall charger, which makes it capable of charging a Macbook 12-inch in just 2 hours. It can also charge your USB-C PD compatible smartphones in just over an hour. Most smartphones that use USB-C (at least the newer ones) do support USB-C PD, at about 18W, which is less than what the PowerPort Atom III is able to put out. Don’t worry, it won’t overheat your smartphone.


USB-C PD or USB-C Power Delivery is actually safer than Quick Charge 3.0 which is done over USB-A. This is why you’re seeing many more newer smartphones lean towards using USB-C PD instead. Not only can it handle more current with USB-C PD, but it is also less likely to burst in flames. Because let’s face it, batteries are flammable. And the faster we charge these batteries, the more likely they are to explode. And that’s not something we’ll want to happen.

You can pick up the Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim USB-C PD wall charger from Amazon using the link below. It is currently priced at $28 when you use the promo code ANKER141 at checkout.

Anker PowerPort Atom III - Amazon - $28