Android Founder Accused Of Scamming Wife Out Of Millions


Andy Rubin's estranged wife Rie Hirabaru has been engaged in a legal battle with him regarding their prenuptial agreement since a long time and some portions of the complaint have now been made public. The unsealed documents have revealed a slew of allegations that Hirabaru has made against Rubin.

At the heart of the matter lies the fact that Hirabaru 's attorney, Stephen Peters, had previously worked for Rubin in a different divorce case, unbeknownst to her. This shows a serious conflict of interest, and the lawsuit says that the plaintiff was also not aware of the fact that Peters knew a lot more about Rubin's assets than he let on. Moreover, he was also allegedly aware of the payouts made to other women for inappropriate activities. So, in essence, he was working for Rubin while claiming to be representing Hirabaru.

Rubin, who previously worked for Google and invented Android, is no stranger to controversies. Back in October 2018, it was reported that Google paid him a generous $90 million exit package when the company asked for his resignation after allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct emerged.


He left the company in 2014 and went on set up the startup incubator Playground Global. Later on, he joined the Android smartphone startup Essential Products.

The newly unsealed documents claim that Rubin made Hirabaru sign the prenuptial agreement a few weeks before she was due to give birth and just three days before their wedding, dictating specific terms. As a result, Hirabaru was stripped of a substantial amount of wealth and the lawsuit now seeks to invalidate that agreement.

Since California is a community property state, all wealth and property amassed during a marriage is equally owned by both spouses. Rubin was apparently able to game the system by not revealing all his assets to his wife.


Per the complaint, Rubin made a separate bank account before leaving Google and stopped depositing the money he got from the search giant and other sources in the couple's joint account. This way not only did he manage to hide his earnings, but he was also able to make payments to other women covertly.

The complaint also notes that the unreasonable premarital agreement shielded Rubin from the financial ramifications of a divorce due to extramarital relationships and alleges that he had affairs with at least five women.

One of those women apparently ran what seemed like a sex ring with Rubin. The sex ring rumor had erupted before as well when it was reported that Rubin supported numerous mistresses financially and in return, he would loan them out to other men.


It is worth mentioning that at this stage, this is just a complaint, and the suspicions have not been confirmed by a court. But then again, Google reportedly asked Rubin to resign only after the charges against him seemed credible so his track record isn't really spotless in this regard.

Rubin's attorney Ellen Stross has dismissed these allegations and says that this is just a typical family law dispute where a wife regrets her decision to sign a prenuptial agreement. He further said that Rubin's side of the story will also be presented.