Amazon Prime Video Now Available in a Giant VR Theater


Ever wish you could watch your favorite Amazon Prime Originals on a giant movie theater screen? Would you rather not pay the cost of a movie ticket each and every time you wanted to see a show this way? Amazon has you covered if you've got a Samsung GearVR, Oculus Go, or Oculus Quest with its latest Amazon Prime Video VR app on the Oculus Store.

While Amazon isn't the first to move its streaming video platform into a virtual space for more immersive viewing, it clearly thought the phrase "go big or go home" was applicable to the video viewing experience. Netflix added this functionality to their streaming platform some years ago, but it was more of a cozy tv-by-the-hearth type of setting which isn't all that different than what you probably already have at home anyway.

While Netflix likely meant this more of as a way to watch your favorite shows and movies in greater comfort while away, Amazon's version is designed to transport you directly to that big comfy chair and the giant theater screen that your local theater can bring you, all without having to get out the keys and the wallet to do so.


Amazon Prime Video is now available on more devices than ever, and this latest update creates the most immersive way possible to experience all of Amazon's excellent content. It also gives users an extra screen to use for Prime content, so if that living room TV is taken up and you just want to catch up on the latest season, you can easily strap on that VR headset and get going with great content. It's also a fantastic way to watch mature-rated content that might not be acceptable for little ears to hear without having to wait until it's past the kids' bedtime to do so.

Just as the Netflix or YouTube apps work, Amazon's Prime Video VR app loads up onto your Oculus-powered headset and allows you to watch all of Amazon's content on that big virtual screen. This doesn't just include Amazon Prime Originals or content that's built specifically for VR, it also includes channel subscriptions and live events as well, opening up a more impressive way of viewing your favorite content.

To install it, head on over to the Oculus Store on your GearVR, Oculus Go, or Oculus Quest and search for "Prime Video". Once you download the app and sign in with your Amazon Prime account, you can watch as much content as you'd like all without having to be bothered by the distractions of the real world.


If you don't have an Amazon Prime account yet, Amazon offers a free trial that will give you full access to the super-fast shipping options available to Prime customers for free, as well as all the incredible content Amazon has developed over the years. We've got a whole list of reasons why Amazon Prime is worth your while, so be sure to read up on that if you aren't already enjoying that Amazon life.

Prime Video started out as a service that most people could pretty easily live without, but it's turned into one of the most robust streaming platforms around with original content as well as plenty of classic movies and TV shows, modern hits and more.

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