Get 2 Months Of HBO When You Buy A Fire TV Stick


Amazon is bundling two months of HBO for free when you purchase the Fire TV Stick. Now the Fire TV Stick itself is not on sale, it's still sitting at its regular price of $39.99. But with the two months of free HBO here, you're getting a really good deal. HBO runs at about $15 per month, so you're getting $30 off of HBO here. It is also only available for Prime members, so if you're not a member, you're going to want to sign up for this free trial.

To be transparent, Amazon does say that this includes "automatic renewal" in the title of this page. So beware that if you do purchase this and do not cancel HBO within two months, you are going to be automatically renewed.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a really great streaming device to pick up. It offers up a ton of great apps that you can choose from. In addition to HBO, there's also Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix and YouTube just arrived. Among many other titles. So you're always going to have something to watch. Fire TV Stick also works with Alexa, so you can ask Alexa for things to watch on your Fire TV Stick, or even just tell her to start Stranger Things. In addition to that, you can also control your smart home with Alexa through your TV.


With HBO, you're going to get plenty of content to watch. There are a ton of movies that HBO licenses all the time, with a ton of newer movies as well. But HBO also has a bunch of original programming like Game of Thrones (if you somehow haven't seen it yet), Real Time with Bill Maher, Ballers and much more. So you're going to get some great content from HBO and the best thing is that there are no ads.

You can pick up the Amazon Fire TV Stick and two months of HBO for free using the link down below.

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2 Months of HBO) - Amazon - $39