$99 Momentum Meri Smart Thermostat Launches Today


Momentum is living up to their name with the announcement and launch of another smart home product today, the Momentum Meri. This $99 smart thermostat is about half the cost of other smart thermostats on the market, like the Nest Thermostat or the Ecobee 4, which often retail for around $200. When it comes to expected smart thermostat features, the Momentum Meri seems to offer the bulk of what customers want in a smart home device, namely the ability to adjust their home's temperature from anywhere and to intelligently monitor environmental conditions.

Sold exclusively at Walmart.com and in Walmart stores, the Momentum Meri provides a more economical alternative to other brands. The Meri is able to control most types of HVAC systems found in homes and offices and includes seven-day scheduling options for cooling and heating, ECO, away and vacation modes, as well as expected touch screen functionality and smartphone app controls. Momentum's app is found on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Appstore, so you won't have to worry about whether or not everyone in your house uses the same brand of mobile tech.

Momentum's app provides real-time and historical data, including room temperature and humidity and how it relates to outside temperature and humidity conditions. A powerful set of scheduling options provides functionality similar to regular programmable thermostats, like being able to automatically adjust the temperature of the home according to daily routines like work or school, as well as learning functionality that helps users more effectively manage their energy consumption without having to think about it.


It's even got support for Google Assistant's powerful tie-ins with other smart home equipment, and an ecosystem of products from Momentum that includes security cameras, smart garage door openers, video doorbells, and quite a bit more.

Design-wise, the Meri features a round design that's similar to Nest's design, but boasts a full-color display and fully utilizes the screen to deliver plenty of usable information at a glance. A quick glance at the screen will tell users the current temperature of the house, what mode the thermostat is operating in and what the system's current heating or cooling is, humidity percentage in the home, time and outdoor weather conditions, as well as WiFi connectivity. The display is fully lit and changes color for each mode, so you won't have to do so much as glance across the room to see if the thermostat is operating as expected.

Momentum has also included quality of life features like a filter monitor, for reminding homeowners to replace their HVAC filter at regular intervals, and a key lock for keeping folks from constantly tinkering with the settings. The pre-cooling or pre-heating setting will calculate how long it takes to get the home to a specified temperature and make sure that your house is set to a comfortable level before you even get back home. Check out Momemtum's website to see all the products they have available, or head over to your local Walmart and find it in the smart home section of the store.

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