2-Year-Old "Hacker" Buys A $430 Couch Using Her Mom's Phone

Handing off your smartphone to your children may not be such a good idea, and a mom from San Diego learned that the hard way. Isabella McNeil’s 2-year old daughter actually managed to order a couch from Amazon, while messing with her mom’s phone.

First reported by NBC 7, this particular piece of news managed to entertain many people, but also teach them a lesson, in a way. Ms. McNeill definitely learned her lesson when she gave her phone to her young daughter, a 2-year old Rayna McNeill.

Isabella McNeill found out that a couch, which she did not order, was shipped her way while she was at work. She got an alert on her phone from Amazon, and was stunned when it happened. At first, she was very confused, and even thought she was asleep when she ordered it, as in sleepwalking. Ms. McNeill tried to cancel the order immediately, but that was not possible, as the couch had already shipped in her direction.

It did not take long for Ms. McNeill to put two and two together, and figure out that her 2-year old daughter took advantage of Amazon’s “Buy Now With 1-Click” option. What happened is, Ms. McNeill was browsing Amazon for a new couch, at which point her daughter came to hear, and wanted to play around with her phone. Isabella McNeill caved quickly, and gave her daughter the phone, but failed to close the Amazon app, it seems.

The couch itself cost $430, and considering that’s not exactly what she had in mind for a new couch for her home, she wanted to return it. After figuring out that it would cost her around $100 just to ship that huge wooden box back, she opted to resell the couch, and lose less money, essentially.

Isabella McNeill hopes that other parents will learn from her mistake, and has advised everyone to make sure applications are closed before their kids get a chance to play around with parents’ handsets.

Truth be said, in situations like these, closing all your apps may not be enough. Kids are really cute and can be quite persuasive, but they can easily press the wrong buttons, and launch an app they should not open. You really don’t want your kid to open up WhatsApp, for example, and type up random stuff to people.

Things can get much worse than that, of course, as they can access your bank account or PayPal account, and press buttons they’re really not supposed to. If you’re going to hand off your phone to your kid, either lock them in a single app in which they can’t do any harm, or utilize “kids mode” which many phones have these days. There is always an option to create a separate account, a limited one.

Isabella McNeill did lose $430, but she’ll probably get most of that back by reselling the couch, so she got away with it, it could have been much worse. This story ended up being funny more than anything, even Ms. McNeill didn’t fail to see the humor in all of this.

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