Get 3 Months Of Xbox Game Pass (& Xbox Live Gold) For $19 – Amazon Deals


Amazon is discounting a three month subscription to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. Bringing the price down to just $19.99 for the three months. That comes out to less than $10 per month. Not a bad deal at all.

At its E3 press conference on Sunday, Microsoft announced that it was combining Game Pass and Xbox Live, so instead of needing to pay for two subscriptions, you can pay for one. And it looks like Microsoft is using the cheaper Xbox Live pricing here. Basically giving everyone Game Pass for free.

Xbox Game Pass allows you to stream hundreds of games over your Internet connection. Think of it as Netflix for Xbox games. Unfortunately, and not surprising, Xbox Game Pass does not support every single game on Xbox. There's a much smaller library. But where it is essentially free now – included with Xbox Live – it's not as big of a deal.


Xbox Live is going to allow you to play online against other people. Instead of just locally. It's equivalent to Sony's PlayStation Plus. Where you can also get discounts for certain games, as an Xbox Live Gold subscriber.

This is a digital purchase, so once you buy the three month subscription, Amazon will email you instructions on how to claim your three months.

Xbox Game Pass (3 months) - Amazon - $19