(Up To 75% Off) Get Windows 10, Office2019 & More Licenses On The Cheap With Coupon


If you still do not have Windows 10 installed on your PC for one reason or the other, now may be the perfect time to upgrade, as we have some discounts to share with you. Get a 15-percent discount on both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro packages over at Softwareplat, thanks to a coupon code that the company provided us with.

If you utilize the "AH15" coupon code on the website, you will not only be eligible to get a 15-percent discount on Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro packages, but also on Microsoft Office2016 and Office2019 Professional Plus as well. You can even get bundles on both, if you want.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro comes with support for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, while you will get one key that you can use for 3-5 different computers. If that is a functionality you need, going for the Pro version may be the best idea. Microsoft Office2019, on the other hand, includes the newest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote tools.


So, for example, you can grab an official CD Key for Microsoft's Windows 10 Pro operating system for only $24.76, while a CD Key for the Windows 10 Home variant will set you back only $22.86. If you're in need of Microsoft Office2019 Professional Plus, it's not a problem, an OEM CD Key will cost you $62.87.

If you want to get both Windows 10 Pro and Office2019 Professional Plus keys, you can grab both of those for only $72.40, as part of a bundled package. These are only some examples, you can find a full list of offers below this paragraph, along with purchase links, though don't forget to utilize the aforementioned coupon code (AH15) in order to avail the discount.


Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD Key (global) for $24.76

Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM CD Key (global) for $22.86

Microsoft Office2016 Professional Plus CD Key (global) for $45.72


Microsoft Office2019 Professional Plus CD Key (global) for $62.87

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro + Office2016 Professional Plus CD Keys bundle for $57.15

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro + Office2019 Professional Plus CD Keys bundle for $72.40


Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Retail CD Key (global) for $38.10

That covers both Windows 10 and Microsoft Office packs, but if you need some sort of a security tool for your PC as well, we've got you covered. Softwareplat shared a second coupon code with us, "AD5", that you can use to get a 5-percent discount on other software deals on the site, including Norton Security Deluxe 5 and Kaspersky 2018 Internet Security programs. Do note that the key you purchase will provide you with a 1-year subscription in both of these cases, no matter which one you get.

Both of these programs are here to make sure that your PC stays safe at all times. They are expected to block out viruses, spyware, adware, and other malicious software that may hit your PC. Just by doing that, these programs also make sure that your PC runs as it should, as it does not have any obstructions in the form of malicious software.


Norton Security Deluxe 5 can be yours for only $28.74, if you utilize the provided coupon code, as it will provide you with a 5-percent discount. This package is for North America only, though.

If you're more interested in Kaspersky 2018 Internet Security 3, that's not a problem, as the coupon code will get its 1-year price down to $19.70. Kaspersky package is aimed at EU customers only. Both software packages are linked down below, so that you have instant access to them, in case you decide to purchase either one, just don't forget to utilize "AD5" coupon code.

Norton Security Deluxe 5 1 year key (North America) for $28.74


Kaspersky 2018 Internet Security 3 1 year key (EU) for $19.70