Video: OnePlus 7 Pro – The Good Review

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It’s no secret that the OnePlus 7 Pro has received a lot of praise, and there’s good reason for that. When the company announced it just a few short weeks ago, it took the time to explain that the Pro variant of the OnePlus 7 series is a departure from the strategies of old. Instead of being a “Flagship Killer”, where the company attempted to seriously undercut the competition while still offering the core of the experience, the OnePlus 7 Pro was to be the company’s first true flagship.

At Android Headlines, we break our reviews into two portions to help you better focus on what is good and bad about an expensive smartphone. This review covers everything you’re sure to love about the OnePlus 7 Pro. Have a look at the ‘Bad Review’ to see what OnePlus didn’t get right, and how these faults might break what could otherwise be an excellent experience.

While the headliner hardware features focus around the display and the triple camera system around back, the real winner of the day is OxygenOS, the company’s own version of Android. OxygenOS has gone from fledgling “plan B”, after the company’s fallout with Cyanogen during the OnePlus One days, and has turned into the premiere version of Android to beat. It feels like a more true stock Android experience than actual stock Android is, and that’s because it’s not a bloated, slow experience and yet still offers a level of customization and utility that makes the everyday experience better than expected.


OnePlus has also become one of the best companies for post-purchase support, cleaning up their act from several years ago. That’s a big improvement from the OnePlus 2 days, where the company didn’t deliver timely updates (or even updates at all) for customers and caught a lot of rightful flack for it.

Those updates have also been known to squash several bugs and improve performance and quality, even quickly after issues are posted in the company’s own forums. In fact, as far as bug fixes and other issues are concerned, OnePlus has become one of the leaders on getting updates out to its customers quicker than expected, and have generally been very good about responding to feedback from users.

Hardware wise, this is the most premium-level phone we’ve ever seen from the company, and the first phone from any major company to debut a truly bezel-less design. This is achieved through the pop-up front-facing camera, which resides inside the frame of the phone until needed. While it could cause worry for customers, OnePlus has built-in mechanisms that retract the camera automatically if any stress is placed on it, or if the phone is dropped, keeping it from harm.


Then there’s the triple camera system around back, which is the most versatile, high-quality camera experience we’ve seen from the company to date. Check out our camera review to get the full details on what the OnePlus 7 Pro’s camera does well, and what areas it could use some improvement in. Be sure to watch the review video below to find out everything that’s great about the OnePlus 7 Pro, and why this just might be your next smartphone.