Top 9 Best Android Walking Apps - 2019

Many would say that walking isn’t exactly the best form of exercise, especially if you’re trying to lose a few pounds. Well, for some people walking may be the only option, either due to their age or health issues, though the two could be connected as well.

Walking can actually be a really solid form of exercise, even if you’re fully healthy, but you’re not a fan of running, biking, and similar activities. If that sounds like you, or you’re having some health issues, we have some apps to suggest that will do a good job at keeping your walking data, and help you reach your goals along the way.

In the list down below, you will find our top 9 walking fitness applications, basically. Some of these apps are more capable than others, but each of them has something different to offer. These apps are not listed in any specific order, so keep that in mind once you start browsing.

Walking App - Walking for Weight Loss

Walking App - Walking for Weight Loss is actually one of the best apps of its kind, and can help you a great deal if you’re trying to lose weight. This app actually comes with a number of training plans, even those that are aimed at keeping your heart healthy. It contains several workout levels, and the app can track your workouts precisely by using your phone’s GPS. Audio guides are also included, and will help you get through every workout.

Pedometer - Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner

This application comes with a really simple design, and that’s not a bad thing, at all. This app does not provide GPS tracking, but it uses a pedometer in order to count your steps, and by doing that, it saves your phone’s battery. All your walking information will be displayed via graphs, and you can set your daily step goals. You can trigger “Training Mode” in this app, and it will lay out a walking goal for you. This app also comes with a number of themes that you can choose from.

Walk with Map My Walk

Walk with Map My Walk is an app by MapMyFitness, and it’s actually a great walking companion. Audio feedback during training is provided by this app, on every GPS-tracked walk. You can actually connect this app to Google Fit, Garmin, and a number of other services, for sync purposes. The app offers a really nice design, so navigating this application will not be an issue at all,

Walking for Weight Loss & Pedometer - Step Counter

This application has the same goal as the first app we’ve talked about, to help you lose weight by walking. The app comes with both a step counter and GPS tracking, while it will keep track of your calories as well. You can save your activities, and export data in GPX and KML formats. The app will keep track of your walking distance, average walking speak, a total duration of your activity, and so on.

Runkeeper - GPS Track Run Walk

Runkeeper is a very well-known application for runners, but this app can track your walking exercises as well, without a problem. You can set goals in this application, and try to reach them all, while various plans are provided for you to train. Audio cues are included in this application, while this app enables sync with various other services. Runkeeper is one of the best-designed applications of its kind in the Play Store, and is worth a try.

Google Fit

Google Fit is an app that most of you are probably quite familiar with. A number of fitness apps out there allow you to sync your activity with Google Fit, and this app’s goal is to make you more active, and make your life healthier. Google actually worked with the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization to develop this application, and this app can track your activities, while providing insights on them.

Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App

This is yet another simple application that will keep track of your walking. It will keep track of your steps and calorie loss. Using this application is really simple, all you need to download it, open it and start walking. You don’t really need a fitness tracker in order to make it work properly, nor do you need to register / log in. Daily exercise plans are provided by pro trainers in this application, while you can also create walking groups if you want, for other people to join.

Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

This is yet another app that uses a pedometer in order to track your walking workouts. The app comes with a considerably different design than other apps on this list, and that’s not bad at all. This app is completely free, and it does not provide GPS tracking, while it has been developed by the same developer that provided the first app on this list. The app comes with a number of different themes, so you can basically make it look the way you want.

Endomondo - Running & Walking

Endomondo is one of the most popular fitness applications out there, as it can track over 60 sports activities, and walking is one of them. Audio feedback is included in this application, and the app will track your workout using your phone’s GPS. You will get detailed statistics for every workout you complete, and the app really is a joy to use, as its design is quite modern, and it’s really not complicated at all.

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