Top 10 Best Android Yoga Apps – 2019

AH best Yoga apps June 2019

Yoga has managed to become quite popular over the years, and is used in a number of ways nowadays. Some people use it as a form of exercise, while others use it to relieve pain. You can also practice yoga to relax yourself, or to help you focus.

Having said that, if you’ve never been practicing yoga, and you’d like to start, or you simply want to improve and keep track of your progress… well, we have a set of applications that can help you with that.

In the list down below, you will find ten applications, and even though some of them have a similar purpose, the approach of each app is a little bit different, not to mention that the app design varies from one app to the other. Do note that the apps down below are not listed in any specific order.


Keep Yoga

Keep Yoga is a great companion app if you’re thinking of doing yoga, or you simply want to improve. This app looks great, first and foremost, and it brings 400+ asanas, 10+ yoga sessions plans, and 7 meditation courses. This app can help you lose weight, relax, sleep better, boost your immune system, and so on… all that through yoga. You can set your main goal in the app, if you’d like to lose weight, for example, while you’ll have access to your workout log as well.

Keep Yoga (Play Store)


Down Dog

Down Dog is an app that will make sure you always have something new to do when you come to your yoga mat. This app’s goal is not to make you do the same workout over and over, as there are over 30,000 different configurations included here. The app is beginner-friendly, says the developer, and you can choose between seven different yoga teachers in the app (voice choices).

Down Dog (Play Store)


Yoga for weight loss

Yoga for weight loss app focuses on helping you lose weight. This app offers sleek design, and its program is based on the most effective and time-tested Hatha and Kundalini yoga exercises, poses, and asanas, says the developer. The app contains 80 tested exercises, and all exercises have detailed audio, video, and text instructions, which can be extremely useful. There are three training programs included, divided by levels of difficulty.

Yoga for weight loss (Play Store)


Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners is a great choice if you’ve never done yoga before, or you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Workouts that are included in this app have been specifically made for beginners, and voice guidance is included. These exercises are easy to learn and perform, says the developer, and they allow you to workout anytime, anywhere. The design of this app is also really nice, and the app is really a joy to use.

Yoga for Beginners (Play Store)


Yoga Workout

Yoga Workout is also an app for beginners. This app includes yoga practice such as basic asanas, and it includes helpful 3D videos that will make sure you’re doing your exercises correctly. This app is 100-percent free, and it will also help you keep your weight in check, and the same goes for BMI. The app can remind you that an exercise is required, and it is suitable for both men and women.

Yoga Workout (Play Store)


Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga offers a ton of content. This app comes with 500+ asanas, 50+ yoga class plans, 200+ guided yoga, pilates, meditation classes, plus a huge yoga pose base. HD videos with instructions are also available in this application, while the app is available in seven languages. It has specially designed meditations with an online coach guide, while there are multiple choices for session duration, from five to 70 minutes.

Daily Yoga (Play Store)


Yoga Challenge App

Yoga Challenge App is completely different than any other app on the list. This app will challenge you to complete as many solo or team poses as you can before the time runs out, so you can do it by yourself, or with a friend. The developer says that this app is actually supposed to be fun as well, especially if you’re doing team poses. There are a number of difficulty modes that you can select, and the app includes 60+ yoga physical exercise poses.

Yoga Challenge App (Play Store)

5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga is a great app if you don’t have a lot of time to do yoga. Each session that is included in this application is created from a selection of simple, but effective yoga poses, which make them ideal for beginners as well. Every pose comes with a clear image and detailed instructions, to help you out. This app is quite ideal if you’re traveling a lot, or simply do not have enough time to do yoga, but still want to spend at least a bit of time every day practicing.

5 Minute Yoga (Play Store)

Yoga – Poses & Classes

This application comes with 100+ poses, which are easy to follow, from one pose to the next, says the developer. The app also includes 20+ unique yoga classes which are designed by certified yoga experts at all levels. Created workout collections will help you achieve specific yoga and fitness goals, while collections of sounds and melodies are aimed to relieve stress, and help you relax while performing yoga, in general.

Yoga - Poses & Classes (Play Store)

Yoga – Track Yoga

Yoga – Track Yoga is an app that suits both beginners and those of you who have been practicing yoga for a while. There are various programs included here, including Beginners Mind, Flexibility Series, Full Body Fitness, Yoga for Depression, and Yoga Workout. There are various other yoga classes that you can select, back pain relief, yoga for abs, travel yoga, and so on, there are plenty of choices.

Yoga - Track Yoga (Play Store)