Top 10 Best Android Swimming Apps & Games – 2019

AH swimming apps June 2019

Summertime is the best time of year to get in shape by swimming, learn to swim properly, or simply enjoy swimming altogether. Well, if you’re trying to learn to swim properly, or you simply want to have fun by playing some swimming-related games, you’re in the right place.

On the list down below, you will find a number of apps that will share swimming tips for you, as there is always something extra that you can learn if you already know how to swim. There are various swimming techniques that you can learn, you can always improve.

On top of that, we’ve included some additional swimming-related apps here, and also games. If you’re simply a swimming fan, you can check out some of these games and have fun, or perhaps grab an app with curated swimming news, so that you’re always on top of what interests you. Before you start, however, do note that these apps are not listed in any specific order, and that these are only our favorites.


Swim Coach

Swim Coach is a great app if you want to use swimming for your workout sessions, as it can keep all that data stored for you. This app can also provide you with personalized swimming training lessons. Once you install it, you can choose from four training focuses, including allround, technique, breathing, and endurance… depending on your preferences. The app also contains direct links to instructions on YouTube, and much more.

Swim Coach (Play Store)


Swimming Pool Champ

Swimming Pool Champ is an interesting swimming-based game. This game will make sure you compete in various swimming tournaments, while it’s quite easy to play. All you have to do is tap the right bottom corner of your smartphone’s display and pick the pace for swimming. You can also change stances by clicking over the different swimming stance icons. The game is really easy to get a hang of, but you will need to put in some effort in order to succeed.

Swimming Pool Champ (Play Store)


Swimming Step by Step

Swimming Step by Step is an app that is filled with useful advice when it comes to swimming. This app will explain to you, in detail, how to swim utilizing specific swimming styles, while you will find a ton of additional info. For example, this app will teach you how to breathe while you’re swimming, how to float, treat water, and so on. Both pictures and videos are included in the mix, so you’ll get really detailed, easy-to-understand instructions.

Swimming Step by Step (Play Store)


Flip Diving

Flip Diving is really fun cliff diving game, quite probably the best game of that type in the play store. This game utilizes ragdoll physics, and it allows you to cliff dive from various places all around the world, including high cliffs, castles, trees, various platforms, and so on. There are over 50 jump platforms included in this game, and you can take a dive as a bodybuilder, a businessman, or a man in a penguin costume, just to make things even more fun.

Flip Diving (Play Store)


Swimming Stopwatch

Swimming Stopwatch application can be a useful tool if you’d like to keep track of your swimming speed… well, someone can keep track of it for you, while you’re swimming. This is essentially a lap timer, and it even includes a lap mark option via headset. You can mark both total and lap times using this app, while you can also keep track of your pace and traveled distance.

Swimming Stopwatch (Play Store)


Learn Swimming Step by Step

Learn swimming step by step is a similar app to Swimming Step by Step, well, kind of. The two apps are quite different in terms of the design, but the goal is the same, to both teach you hot to swim properly, and improve your technique in general. Using this app, you can learn various swimming styles including breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly stroke, backstroke, elementary stroke, and so on. A ton of additional tips and info, in general, is included here.

Learn Swimming Step by Step (Play Store)


Uphill Rush Water Park Racing

Uphill Rush Water Park Racing is a mouthful for a game name, but the game itself is quite fun. The developer refers to this game as the “world’s craziest water park racing simulator”, and that seems to be accurate. You can set up surfing races in this game, go down the waterslide the old fashioned way, and even compete against your friends thanks to the multiplayer mode. On top of that, there are a number of cool gadgets available to unlock in the game.

Uphill Rush Water Park Racing (Play Store)


Swimkeeper allows you to track all your swimming exercises, basically. You can enter your swimming session details in this app, and by doing that, you can track your progress in great detail. The app’s design is really simple, which is the whole point when it comes to apps like this one. You can access four menus at the bottom of the display, and those menus will let you access everything you need.

Swimkeeper (Play Store)


If you like to keep track of all swimming-related news, then this app may be perfect for you. SwimIn brings you such news, while it also delivers various tips to improve your stroke, and that comes directly from the world’s best coaches and swimmers. This app also delivers meeting schedules and exclusive up-to-the-minute arena Elite Team news. The app is really well designed, and it’s actually quite a joy to use.

SwimIn (Play Store)

Effortless Swimming

Effortless Swimming is yet another application that will try to help you become a better swimmer, essentially. The app will provide you with technique videos from Effortless Swimming, and let you view and book upcoming technique clinics around the globe. You can also listen to the Effortless Swimming podcast using this application, and watch “Faster Freestyle” tutorial videos if you want.

Effortless Swimming (Play Store)