This is the Huawei Nova 5 Pro


Huawei is soon to announce its new Nova 5 series, but photos and specs of the Huawei Nova 5 Pro are now public.

The Huawei Nova 5 looks to be the fifth-generation device bearing the Nova moniker for the Chinese OEM, but it returns with some impressive specs for at least the "Pro," the higher-end device of the series. The Nova 5 Pro offers a water drop notch display where there's a water drop at the very top of the display. The "water drop notch" refers to the shape of the notch, if you were wondering. The water drop notch is said to have a 32MP selfie camera there.

The back of the Nova 5 Pro features a quad camera (four camera) setup that appears to be similar to the Honor 20. The back could have a 48MP primary camera, though there are no details on the rear camera setup for now. The only clue to the camera is the Nova 5 photo gallery below, taken from Huawei Central, that shows a 48MP AI quad camera setup on the back of the device.  The holographic glass back makes an appearance here, bearing a striking resemblance to the Honor series.


There are two RAM and storage variants for the Nova 5 Pro: an 8GB RAM+128GB storage variant and an 8GB RAM+256GB storage variant. Both are currently available for pre-order in China with a down deposit of 50 Yuan (€7 or $6 USD) and come in four colors: Black, Orange, Purple, and Green.

The Nova 5 Pro's holographic glass back and 48MP AI rear camera are not here by mistake. Huawei already has Honor as a sub-brand, but the company has also requested "Nova" as a new second sub-brand for its mobile device lineup. As such, the "Nova" smartphone line would operate in the same way that the Honor devices would, providing affordable options for consumers while a portion of Huawei's business would operate as a distinct, individual entity and thus, be free from the current political mess in which Huawei finds itself.

The new Nova sub-brand would also help Huawei make more money in the mobile space, since it would be new and few consumers would be familiar with it. The Nova line would sell apart from Huawei's Mate and Honor series. According to Huawei, there are at least 65 million customers using the company's mobile devices, creating a good start for the upcoming sub-brand.


"Nova" means "new" and "star," and perhaps Huawei expects the new Nova sub-brand to be a new, bright spot in its mobile market ambitions.

Huawei looks to launch the Nova 5 series, including the "Pro," on June 21st in Wuhan, China. At this point, it is presumed that Huawei still has access to Android (until August 19th, that is), so Huawei could launch the Nova 5 series with Android 9.0 Pie.

With high-end specs such as a quad camera setup, 8GB of RAM, and so on, it's likely that the Nova 5 series (especially the Pro) won't get Huawei's upcoming proprietary Hongmeng OS. Sources say that Huawei has filed for the "Hongmeng" name in China and that Chinese vendors OPPO and Vivo have tested the OS and found it to be 60% faster than Google's Android. Hongmeng is designed for entry-level and mid-range devices at this point and won't arrive to market until October 2019. The Nova 5's June 21st launch means that interested buyers can expect Android 9.0 Pie here with Huawei's own EMUI 9.0 (or 9.1) "skin" unless otherwise stated.


But, unfortunately, the Nova 5's Android 9.0 Pie experience means that these devices will have the latest mobile operating system on Android for less than two months — after which, unless the Trump Ban is lifted and Huawei is taken from the Entity List, the operating system will be denied Google's upcoming major system update, Android 10.0 Q. In many ways, this Nova 5 series, unless it launches with an upgradeable OS, appears to be dead on arrival.

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