Want To Stay Completely Anonymous On The Internet? Read This!

There was a time when the internet was the safest place to be. The young generation of the early 2000s era considered the online world to be the only free one available to them. They could do whatever they wanted to, without even needing to tell anyone there name. Aliases were pretty common on the web in that era. Anyone could enjoy complete anonymity on the web in those days.

Times changed for the worse, however. Soon, governments and surveillance agencies understood the incredible potential of the World Wide Web. This started a trend of using the internet as a tool to spy on billions of people across the world. And all of this was done so secretly that it took years for people to finally find out the truth about online surveillance.

Thanks to the revelations shared by Edward Snowden, we came to learn how surveillance agencies spy on our data. These agencies can steal your metadata whenever they want and can use it to look into your daily browsing history. And when that’s not enough, they go a step further and use exclusively designed tools to hack into your phone camera or webcam and use it to spy on you.

As per the revelations shared by Edward Snowden, there have been plenty of instances when these spying tools were even used on models just so that the agents can have a “little fun” at the expense of someone else’s privacy.

In scenarios like these, it is important for us to take steps that safeguard our privacy and anonymity on the web. You must be asking if it is actually possible to stay completely anonymous on the web. The answer is, yes. There is a way to stay completely anonymous on the internet. And it’s not too difficult either. Read more to find out!

How to stay completely anonymous on the web?

As mentioned above, spies use different tools to keep an eye on your data. To combat against this threat to your privacy, you need the help of certain tools as well. The one tool that we recommend to our readers is a VPN. But what is a VPN?And can it help keep you anonymous on the web? Allow me to explain.

VPN is basically a network of servers that is spread around the world. When you connect to this network of servers, you have the option to change your IP location from your original one to the one of your choice. This is helpful in the sense that it gives you complete online freedom, i.e. you can browse anywhere on the web without having to encounter any kind of censorship or restriction. Anonymity-wise, this method is helpful as well. Because you now use a different IP address for your online communications, the agencies spying over you won’t be able to locate your data on the web.

And if that’s not enough, then you’d be happy to learn that modern VPN services come with even better features that help keep you anonymous on the web. Modern VPN services offer specific tools that can safeguard your privacy on the web. They offer end-to-end military grade encryption to keep your data anonymous on the web. This encryption is unbreakable even by the most experienced of spies and hackers.

Coupled with that, if you want to notch up your anonymity a little higher consider using a browser which offers safe browsing experience and complete anonymity. There are plethora of such mainstream browsers available which you can count on as a safest browser.

Which VPN offers the best Anonymity?

As mentioned above, modern VPN services offer amazing features that safeguard your anonymity on the web. These features include military-grade encryption which is considered to be the best form of security for your online communications.

While there exist hundreds of VPN services, most of these aren’t helpful when it comes to the online anonymity department. This is because of the lack of features that they offer to their users. If you ask me, I would always recommend PureVPN as the service to go for.

PureVPN offers access to over 2,000+ secure servers in 140 countries. You can connect with up to 300,000 IP addresses to ensure your anonymity on the web. Furthermore, PureVPN offers military grade encryption, as well as other security features such as Internet Kill Switch and protection from IP leaks. These features ensure that you always remain anonymous on the web while you are connected.

So if you want to stay completely anonymous on the internet, then PureVPN is the service that you should go for.

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