Stadia's Price, Launch Info, And Games Being Revealed June 6

Google is getting ready to reveal all kinds of details about Stadia including the price of the service and any associated hardware, as well as the launch information and game announcements. The details will be happening this week on June 6 at an event that was created specifically for Stadia called Stadia Connect, and the whole thing will be livestreamed on Stadia's YouTube channel.

The Stadia Connect livestream will be happening at 9AM Pacific Standard Time, ensuring that Google gets the news about its upcoming game streaming service out to the public bright and early. Over on Stadia's official Twitter page the company notes that some news is just too exciting to "wait for E3," which kicks off on June 11 the following week, giving Stadia a head start on all other game-related announcements that will be happening during that event.

This also allows anyone interested in Stadia and anyone else who happens to see the associated information from Stadia Connect to have those details sink in throughout the entire weekend, avoiding being potentially drowned out by everything that will be getting an announcement from companies like Sony, Microsoft, Square Enix and other large game companies.

E3 is gaming's largest convention every single year, so Google holding its own event for Stadia is both smart to make sure it keeps the spotlight as there will be no one else really holding any major announcements, as well as classically Google, being that it holds its own events for pretty much everything big that it has to share these days.

Google refers to Stadia Connect as the first-ever of its kind, meaning that people will be able to expect more Stadia Connect events to happen in the future if there is any big news to share about the service going forward.

Back in May, Google stated that it would be sharing all of this information about Stadia this Summer, so while the expected time might have been during E3 or perhaps later, it seems Google's plan was to get the ball rolling a little earlier than that.

In just two day's time, anyone interested in grabbing Stadia will know exactly how much everything will cost, in addition to what games will be playable through the service. As E3 happens next week, the only other somewhat big game-related announcement happening around the same time will be news from Bungie about the future of Destiny 2, it's widely popular loot shooter, so Stadia really won't be fighting for attention there.

While pricing, game announcements, and launch information are probably the most important details about Stadia as a service to shed light on, Google will have more to share during its livestream so there will be at least one or two surprises to look out for.

Google has been slowly but surely teasing more details about Stadia for months, ramping up its hype in the past few weeks via social media, and now that the time is almost here it'll be much more apparent just how much of a threat Stadia poses to bigger game companies like Sony and Microsoft, especially if it's able to secure some really good partnerships.

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