PlayStation Plus Is Back Down To Its Black Friday Price – Amazon Deals


As part Sony's PlayStation Days of Play sale that's going on right now, Amazon is discounting a year subscription to PlayStation Plus. That brings the price for a full year down to just $40. That's good for $20 off or about 33-percent. This is a price that we normally see around Black Friday or Prime Day. So now's a good time to pick one up.

Seeing as you can buy multiple PlayStation Plus subscriptions and stack them, now is the perfect time to get another year to add to your account. Because why pay the full $60 when you don't have to?

With PlayStation Plus, you're going to be able to play with others online. So if you play games like NBA 2K19, then PlayStation Plus is going to be a necessity. Sony also offers up two free games every month for PlayStation Plus members. That alone pays for this membership. Though those games aren't usually anything expensive or brand new, they are still brand new games.


Finally, PlayStation Plus members also get discounts on games and other services sold in the PlayStation Store.

You can pick up another year of PlayStation Plus from Amazon using the link down below. The Days of Play sale is going strong through June 17.

PlayStation Plus - Amazon - $39