Grab A Piece Of Nostalgia With The PlayStation Classic For $30 – Amazon Deals


Sony has discounted the PlayStation Classic today, cutting the price in half. That brings it down to just $30, and making it a really good purchase for a lot of people. This is all part of Sony's Days of Play sale that is starting today and lasting through June 17.

The PlayStation Classic is a newer version of the classic PlayStation that launched in December 1994. For those that grew up with the PlayStation, this is a really good way to relive your childhood.

Sony has included over 20 games on the PlayStation Classic, including  Final Fantasy Vll, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms. So some of the all-time favorites from the PlayStation are available here. Allowing you to play them, just like you were a kid again.


Obviously, Sony did need to upgrade some parts of the PlayStation for this PlayStation Classic. And that included adding a HDMI port, so you can actually hook it up to your TV. It is also much smaller than the original PlayStation was. It does include two wired controllers and a memory card, though.

You can pick up the PlayStation Classic from Amazon using the link below. You're going to want to grab one quickly, as these do sell out fast.

PlayStation Classic - Amazon - $30