The Limited Edition "Days Of Play" PlayStation 4 Is Back In Stock – Amazon Deals


Sony has made a special edition of the PlayStation 4 Slim (with 1TB of storage) for the Days of Play sale that is going on, ahead of E3. That limited edition PlayStation 4 was out of stock, but now it's back in stock and available from Amazon.

This limited edition PlayStation 4 isn't the best looking limited edition on that Sony has done, but it does look really cool. It's a lighter black color, with the iconic PlayStation square, circle, triangle and x buttons on the top, in a gray color. The controller is also a limited edition one that is gray and black. Looking pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Inside, this is the PlayStation 4 Slim. So it's not the Pro model, which means no 4K gameplay available on this PlayStation 4. It's priced at $299, and you get 1TB of storage. Which is going to be plenty of space for storing a ton of games on your PlayStation 4 Slim.


If you're one that wants to collect some of the Limited Edition PlayStation 4's then this is the one to get.

You can pick up the limited edition PlayStation 4 Slim from Amazon using the link below. Sony is also discounting a number of games as part of its Days of Play sale, which you can check out here.

PlayStation 4 Limited Edition - Amazon - $299