Upgrade Your TVs Audio With The Sony HT-MT300 Mini Sound Bar


Amazon is discounting the very popular, Sony HT-MT300 mini sound bar today, bringing it down to just $198. That's good for about $150 off of the regular price, making it a really good deal for those that are looking to add a sound bar to their setup today.

The Sony HT-MT300 might be a "mini" sound bar, but don't let that four letter word fool you. This is still a very powerful sound bar that is able to output a ton of sound. Sony has included a wireless subwoofer with this sound bar, so that you are able to get even better surround sound in your living room. With this setup, you're going to get some really good sounding bass, with some crisp and clear mids and highs.

This also has Bluetooth, so you can also play music from your smartphone on this sound bar and wireless subwoofer, making it a pretty awesome product for those that listen to a lot of music, and in particular, bass-heavy music thanks to that wireless subwoofer that's included.


Sony's HT-MT300 is going to drastically improve your TV audio, and that's a good thing, seeing as the speakers built into your TV are likely utter trash. You see, TV makers focus more on making the bezels disappear and making it as thin as possible. Speakers and sound, are an after thought for most TV makers, which is very unfortunate. Because even if you have the best display on a TV, if the speakers are trash, then it completely kills the experience. Luckily, you can improve that experience with a sound bar that's less than $200.

You can pick up the Sony HT-MT300 mini sound bar and wireless subwoofer from Amazon using the link below. But you'll want to hurry, as this price isn't going to be around for long.

Sony HT-MT300 - Amazon - $198