This Moto E6 Design Channels Galaxy S5 Vibes

Moto E6 Render

This is the latest look at the Moto E6, one of Motorola’s upcoming devices alongside phones like the recently leaked Motorola One Action smartphone, though there are quite a few differences, such as the target market of consumer as the E series phones are generally meant to be an affordable phone from Motorola with lower specs to keep the cost down at retail.

The render, which was leaked earlier this evening by Evan Blass, shows off the design from all sides and looks almost identical to the leaked render of the phone that surfaced back in the beginning of May. The one difference here is the back as you can see that there is a textured pattern which helps the Moto E6’s design channels some heavy Samsung Galaxy S5 vibes.

That being said the only part of the phone’s design that really makes it look Galxay S5-esque is the dimples otherwise it sort of just looks like your standard budget smartphone that’s made by Motorola or any other manufacturer out there.


The bezels are thick, the outside material is no doubt some sort of a texturized plastic meant to feel grippy while you hold it, yet still hold up to a few drops here and there, and it doesn’t seem to have anything in the way of special sensors or snap-on mods like the Moto Z line. As is to be expected since the Moto E series phones are designed to cost less, which means putting in less hardware and scaling back features.

Though this is just a render and not one officially confirmed by Motorola yet, this is likely the final design. No specs were included with the image but there have been specs rumored for the device already and if they end up being correct than the Moto E6 won’t really be a step up from the previous model in the Moto E line.

According to previous hardware rumors the Moto E6 will come with a Snapdragon 430 processor from Qualcomm, so noting too out of the ordinary for a less expensive entry-level smartphone. That processor is supposed to be coming with 2GB of RAM for the memory, with options for 16GB or 32GB of storage so users can pick the device that would best suit their own personal needs for space.


The phone will also come with Android 9 Pie, as it should with it being released near or after the time that Google is likely to push out Android Q, and it’ll have a 13-megapixel rear camera as well as a 5-megapixel front camera for pictures, both coming with f/2.0 apertures.

As for the screen rumors peg this to be around 5.45-inches in size. It’s worth keeping in mind that just like with the design of the Moto E6, none of the specifications or hardware details have been confirmed or announced by Motorola, though considering the consumer group this is being aimed at everything sounds like it’s on par with what companies use for entry-level devices.

There’s no word on price for the Moto E6 yet either, but expect this to be around the $150 mark or less which is around what consumers paid for the Moto E5 when it launched.