Samsung Said To Have No New Galaxy Note 10 Accessories Planned

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 is seemingly just around the corner as the most recent rumors suggest the new smartphone will be revealed at an Unpacked event happening on August 7. It was also rumored just a few days prior to the August 7 date that Samsung could choose to reveal the new device on August 10, but either way it appears the event will be soon.

Along with the new phone will come accessories, such as cases, which customers will be able to snap up to help make their experience better. Some of these cases were leaked back on June 20 and already available for pre-order via mobilefun which is a UK-based accessory website.

Mobilefun also recently received a SKU list of the Galaxy Note 10 cases which Samsung plans to launch, and it's looking like there are no plans to launch any "new and exciting cases" for the Galaxy Note 10 series phone, instead choosing to stick with ones that customers are already familiar with and already have a passion for.

Some of these cases include the ones you may already know, like the LED View Cover, Clear View Cover, and LED Cover cases. These are coming in a multitude of different colors like Black, White, Silver, Pink, and Red, and will be available at prices ranging from around £50 to £60, which is likely to be $50 to $60 in the US though no pricing has yet been revealed for the US at this time.

According to Mobilefun the SKU list also reveals that the Galaxy 10 Pro will be coming in a 5G variant just like Samsung's Galaxy S10 smartphone. The list labels everything with codenames Davinci 1 and Davinci 2, with Davinci 2 said to be the Galaxy Note 10 Pro and Galaxy Note 10 Pro 5G.

More specifically it's believed that the Galaxy Note 10 Pro and the 5G model of it will be one in the same and that Samsung will simply make the Note 10 Pro a 5G phone instead of releasing one that is 5G and one standard version that is LTE instead.

If this is the case then it would probably be a better decision than releasing both models especially if there would be no difference in cost if they were a separate offering. If consumers had the choice to pick between a Note 10 Pro that was LTE and a Note 10 Pro that was 5G-enabled and pay the same price for either one, chances are that customers would choose the 5G model.

The 5G version of the Galaxy Note 10 Pro was first rumored earlier this year, and it would make sense for Samsung to offer such a model for its second flagship smartphone, considering the Galaxy S10 5G is already offered and considering the state of 5G network advancement from multiple carriers around the world.

With Samsung thought to be revealing the Galaxy Note 10 in the next couple of weeks if there is a 5G model of the phone then at that event will be the time the company chooses to show it off, and that will include whether or not 5G capabilities come as a standard feature of the Galaxy Note 10 Pro.

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