Samsung's Galaxy Fit Arrives In The US, Three Months Late


The Samsung Galaxy Fit has finally landed in the US, three months after it was announced with the Galaxy S10 series.

It is also joining a pretty competitive market, as far as fitness trackers go. Particularly at this $99 price point. With Fitbit already all but owning that part of the market.

The Galaxy Fit is a fitness tracker from Samsung, it runs on its Tizen OS and does basically everything that the Galaxy Watch can do (when it comes to fitness tracking), but it's cheaper and smaller. Like the Gear Fit fitness trackers before it, the Galaxy Fit sports a rectangular screen, which is aimed to get you to read it on your wrist and take up as little space as possible.


This comes with a 0.95-inch AMOLED display, powered by a 120mAh capacity battery, with 2MB of RAM and 32MB of storage. And yes, you read that right, megabytes. That is because this is a fitness tracker, it doesn't run the many apps that the Galaxy Watch does. So it doesn't need as much RAM. Also by packing in less RAM and storage, it is able to make the battery capacity smaller (and still last a few days on a charge) as well as the body of the Galaxy Fit smaller.

Bringing back the "Fit" line is a good idea for Samsung. As it now has something for everyone. There's the Galaxy Watch for those that want a real smartwatch, that can also track their activity throughout the day. Then there's the Galaxy Watch Active which is a bit cheaper and does put a preference on fitness tracking, but it still works as a nice smartwatch. Rounding out the lineup is Samsung's Galaxy Fit at $99, which is just a fitness tracker.

But, at $99, the Galaxy Fit faces some stiff competition from Fitbit. The Inspire is also $99, and it's arguably a better buy. Fitbit's app ecosystem is much better, since it has the social aspect, allowing you to compete with others. It also has better battery life, lasting around five or six days on a charge. But that is also because it uses an e-ink display instead of a colored display like the Galaxy Fit.


The Galaxy Fit does all of the usual stuff that you'd expect from a fitness tracker. That includes tracking your steps throughout the day, as well as calories burned and auto-tracking your workouts. It is able to track weight lifting, the elliptical, running, walking and even swimming. Like most of the newer fitness trackers, the Galaxy Fit is also water-proof and can actually track your swimming. Which is a really good feature to have on a fitness tracker, especially for those that do a lot of swimming all year-round. Or those that just don't want to forget about taking it off before getting in the pool.

You can pick up the Galaxy Fit from Amazon or Samsung today, using the links below. It is available in two colors, black and silver. Unfortunately, it looks like the yellow option won't be coming to the US.

Samsung Galaxy Fit - Amazon - $99 Samsung Galaxy Fit - - $99