Prepare For Prime Day With This $100 Amazon Key Bundle


Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner, and if you are a Prime member, you'll likely be buying a bunch of stuff on Prime Day. Which also means lots of packages. Why not get an Amazon Key bundle, which will allow Amazon to deliver your packages into your home, so they don't get stolen. Well, you can do just that, as Amazon has discounted an Amazon Key bundle ahead of Prime Day.

This bundle includes the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener and the Amazon Cloud Cam for just $99. To put things in perspective, the Amazon Cloud Cam is actually normally $119 (though it is also on sale right now, for just $89). So this is good for nearly half off of the regular price of this bundle, making it a really good time to pick one up.

The Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener is just what it sounds like, a smart garage door opener. You can set it to open your garage when you get home, also close it when you pull out of the driveway. This makes it really easy for Amazon deliveries, especially when paired with the Amazon Cloud Cam. As you can see the delivery person put it in your garage (and see if they do anything else before leaving). You can also talk to that person through the Amazon Cloud Cam.


Amazon Key is a pretty interesting service from Amazon. It allows its delivery driver to go into your home or your garage and leave your packages. It's good for Amazon as it means that your packages are less likely to get stolen, but not everyone wants random delivery drivers coming into their home when they aren't home.

You can pick up this Amazon Key bundle from Amazon using the link down below. It won't be this price for long.

Amazon Key Bundle - Amazon - $100