Software Review: Stellar Photo Recovery


There are what seems like endless options for storing your photos these days, and if you happen to use your smartphone for taking most of your pictures, then there's a good chance that they may be stored in Google Photos for backups. As safe as this might be when it comes to options for storing your images, it never hurts to have alternative solutions. Your photos tell a story.

Where you've been, what you enjoy doing, who you share your time with. Whatever your main source for photo storage, setting up one or even two separate options might be worth the time put in, as something could go wrong with the first option. This is where Stellar Photo Recovery software comes in handy as it can help you create backups of your most important photos and even recover them if they've been wiped out from your hard drive or storage device.

Stellar Photo Recovery as the name suggest is a software which can help you recover your photos and videos from drives on your PC in the event you want to keep them in a different location. It can even help you repair your corrupt photos videos should the need arise and then proceed to save them to a location of your choosing just like the main recovery option.


In addition to the premium version for your PC as well as a version for Mac, there is also a standard and professional version for PC. Also, Stellar Photo Recovery does have a free version available for use with Android devices to allow recovery of photos and other files from the storage on your phone. The Standard version of Stellar Photo Recovery will let you recover photo, videos, and music files and it supports all storage media as well as all major cameras. This is already quite useful if you just want to recover everything you want to backup, but what if you come across something that's been corrupted?

All is not lost. The professional and premium versions of the software can repair those photos which have been corrupted so you can still save them. If you want to repair videos, the premium version of the software is the only one that has this option and it allows for repairing multiple videos at once so you can save time and aren't having to do the repair for each and every corrupted video file.

You can simply hit the recover button and walk through the few steps to start and complete the process but there is an advanced settings menu which lets you tweak things a little bit if you want a little more control over the whole thing. In this menu you can click the toggle for enabling or disabling the "preview" option which lets you see what's being recovered during the scan process. This can be useful too, but it does slow down the scanning time, so it's worth keeping in mind that toggling this off can speed things up by a noticeable amount.


This menu also has the option to view a file list which lets you see all of the different file and camera types that are included in the scan for recovery. With this list it's possible to go through and check or uncheck all of the boxes that you do or don't want included in the scan, which can also save time if you know there are only certain file types that you want or need to be recovered, letting you bypass any that aren't part of those file types.

Additionally, if there is a file type that you don't see in the list, which is another good reason to go through it, you can add the file type into the scan with just a couple of quick steps. The software can even help walk you through the adding of file types if you aren't sure how to do so as there is an option for this if you need it. This seemed to work quite well and could be another time saver for anyone that isn't the most savvy with computers and the various types of files that are out there.

As the software is working you can see all kinds of information about the process including how much of the scan has been completed, what drives or folders the scan is currently looking through, if there were any files found that met your initial criteria, and how much time has gone by since you started the scan as well as how much time is left.


Once the scan is over you'll be met with the option of choosing where to save any files that were found, and then be able to see the progress of the save so you know just how much is left before the entire process is complete. This helps you keep tabs on how much time you'll have left to wait before you can close the program.

While this obviously works for any drives that are installed inside of your desktop or laptop, it'll also work for external drives if you have any so you can plug those in as well, especially if those are the only drives you wish to scan.

What's more is that there are multiple versions of the software so whether you want a few more features, need a basic package, or are looking for the same set of tools but for Mac or Android – Stellar Photo Recovery seems to cover it all.



Speed (5/5) – Really nothing to complain about here as the software boots up fast and operates quickly too, provided you aren't scanning multiple drives in one go which could take a bit longer.

Features (4/5) – Stellar does what it sets out to do which is great, as there should be no feelings of being mislead as to what the product is for and what its capabilities are.


Theme (5/5) – It has a basic and clean white interface with easy to find features and nice big buttons at the beginning so you know what you're selecting. No confusion.

Overall (4.5/5) – Multiple version options to fit the customer, with enough features to do what it sets out to do in a no muss no fuss style.



Simple software that doesn't require any learning process to get things done.

Ability to recover multiple file types.

Ability to repair photos and videos in the premium version.


Advanced settings and options to speed up the scanning process

Works with Mac and Android (separate versions)


Can't do much with the free version of the software, which might deter some users.

Wrap Up

Most people have at least one option set in place for dealing with storing photos, but there's not always an option to recover them or repair photo and video files that have been corrupted. Stellar Photo Recovery offers this and makes it easy to use so there's no hassle with getting through every step. Though it's always better if you never have to recover or repair files, it's good to be prepared in the event something goes wrong.