Own A Rift or Rift S? Viveport Infinity Is Free For 60 Days

HTC Vive is giving it all away. At least for two months, that is. If you own one of or both of Oculus' popular virtual reality headsets, the Oculus Rift or Oculus Rift S, then Viveport Infinity is free for you for the next 60 days which means you have a full two months of unbridled access to tons of awesome VR games.

The 60 days of free access technically begins today, but only if you redeem the offer today as it's the first day the offer has gone live. Those with the Rift or Rift S headsets actually have the entire month of June to redeem the Viveport Infinity offer, which means if you do so on June 31 then you'll have access to Viveport Infinity for two months from that point.

There is one other variable though. New members. More specifically, those who own one of the headsets and have yet to start a Viveport Infinity membership will get their code for the free 60 days of access after their 14 day trial is over, so really you're getting Viveport for two and half months altogether before you'll need to start paying the regular membership fees, and that's a whole lot of free game time. After the two months is over, Viveport Infinity is $12.99 per month.

As this isn't an offer that is available to new Viveport Infinity only, those who already subscribe to the service should have received an email with the redeem code starting from today which means the free access to the service is already live for those members.

There's good news for anyone who pre-ordered the Valve Index headset, too. Vive has included anyone who put the money down for that particular headset in this offer, so as soon as the Valve Index is released and those who pre-ordered start to receive their headsets, redeem codes should start showing up inboxes.

This should also include anyone who purchases the Valve Index after its official release for a short period of time though Vive doesn't mention exactly how long the redeem offer will extend for those customers. It does note, though, that the offers will be redeemable later this Summer so the time frame isn't too far off.

If this will be your first experience with Viveport Infinity, there are some obvious things to keep in mind. You'll need to have your Oculus Rift or Oculus Rift S headset connected and set up before you can proceed with setting up Viveport and signing up for Viveport Infinity. There will also only be so many games that are compatible with the two Oculus headsets, so there may be some games that you come across which won't be playable.

For the most part though a large selection of games should be accessible and enabling access to the service for Oculus headset owners for free for two months is a smart move by Vive. It should be able to garner more interest from users, and may even pick up some customers along the way that stick with the subscription long after the two free months are up.

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