Keep Your Home Safe With Nest Secure, At Its Lowest Price Ever


Amazon currently has the Nest Secure at its lowest price ever. It's currently just $232.95. This do-it-yourself alarm system is usually priced closer to around $399. So you're saving a pretty good chunk off of the regular price, making it a really good time to grab one.

The Nest Secure is Google's own do-it-yourself alarm system, that is going to allow you to protect your home without worrying about paying a monthly fee to an alarm company. And if you already have some of Nest's other products like the Nest Hello or Nest Cam, then you're going to save a ton.

Nest Secure comes as a five piece set. There's the Nest Guard which is the base-station. Then there is also two Nest Detects, which are sensors you can put on doors and windows, and they will make a noise when one is opened. Finally, there are two Nest Tags, which are essentially keyfobs that are going to allow your kids to disarm the system when they get home from school, without you needing to give them access in the app. Making things easier for everyone.


With the Nest Secure, you also have the ability to control the system from the Nest app. So if one of the Nest Detects notices that the door or window has been opened, you will get notified. This is great if you have a teenager, as you can easily find out when they are opening the window to sneak out at night. Of course, it's also great for those that are trying to sneak in, possibly to steal something. It is compatible with Google Assistant too, so you can ask Google if your system is armed or not and then arm it or disarm it.

You can pick up the Nest Secure alarm system from Amazon using the link below.

Nest Secure - Amazon - $232