How To Enable Samsung One Font On Your Galaxy

When Samsung rolled out One UI last year, it also rolled out a new font for its smartphones. While it doesn't default to this new One font, you can still switch to it in the settings which is a nice feature to have. It does work on One UI 1.1 only, which means only newer smartphones from Samsung will support it. That includes  Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10 5G.

If you're one that likes to do a lot of customization to your smartphone, then changing the font is one of those things you're going to want to do. The option is somewhat hidden in the settings now, so we're here to walk you through how to do just that.

How To Enable Samsung One Font

If you have one of the phones mentioned above, you can enable the Samsung One font by jumping into settings.


Either pulldown the notification tray and hit the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, or you can open the app drawer and tap on settings.

From there, you'll want to scroll down to "Display". It should be the fourth option in the main Settings page.


Then tap on "Font size and style". It is located just below the "Screen Mode".

Now tap on "Font style".


From there, you can choose the Samsung One font, which should be in the middle of Default and the Gothic Bold font that has been on Samsung smartphones for quite some time.


If you don't like the Samsung One font, you also have the ability to download some new fonts from the Samsung Galaxy Apps store. There are hundreds of fonts available in the store. But be careful, because not all of them are free.

To switch back to default, follow the instructions above and just select "Default" in the fonts section.

Wrap Up

Being able to change the font is something that Samsung has allowed for its users to do for many years. Going all the way back to the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3. So this feature is really not new, but Samsung's own font is actually new. Similar to how Google and OnePlus also have their own font, so does Samsung. It looks pretty good on the Galaxy S10+ too.


It's worth noting that when you change the font on your Galaxy smartphone, it won't change that font in every single app. It will do so in about 90-percent of the apps you have downloaded. There are a few that don't follow the system font, and that includes Instagram. So keep that in mind when you are switching fonts, and if that is something that bothers your OCD, then you may want to think twice about changing the font.

Samsung has a ton of great personalization and customization options available on their smartphones, and this is just one of very many that are available. It's a great way to really make your smartphone your own, and make it stand out from everyone else that has a Galaxy S10+.

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