Here's Stadia's Full List Of Games And Publishers At Launch


Stadia is already making waves with all of the details that were revealed at the first-ever Stadia Connect event that streamed live over on the Stadia YouTube channel, part of those details being that the service will launch in November and come with Destiny 2 as the first free game to those who subscribe to Stadia Pro, the $9.99 monthly option.

Stadia will also come with a hefty helping of games you can purchase at launch coming from a wide range of publishers. All told there are currently around thirty one confirmed games that will be available on the platform at launch.

The list below contains the names of those thirty one games, but there are also a few publishers on the list that don’t mention which games will be part of the service. These publishers include Capcom, Electronic Arts, and Rockstar, though it won’t be hard to make some educated guesses as to which games may be in the lineup for those publishers.


Some of Capcom’s biggest games right now are MegaMan 11, Devil May Cry V, and the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake, so there’s a chance that any one of those, all of them, or none of them could be included.

Rockstar could be bringing titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V to the platform, and Electronic Arts has titles like Apex Legends which is free to play and a massively popular game right now, as well as Star Wars The Jedi Order which release on November 15, which is right around the time frame that Stadia is launching.

Neither of these three publishers have actually announced anything for Stadia, these are simply some of the biggest games from each publisher which could make a debut for Google’s game streaming service. Google states that Capcom, Rockstar, and EA all have the discretion to announce which games will be coming to Stadia so those details will be coming in the near future at some point, just not from Stadia.


If you’re thinking that thirty one games doesn’t sound like a whole lot to work with, you’re not entirely wrong, but Stadia has you covered here. Google says that the list of currently confirmed games is just the “first wave” of launch titles. This means there will be more launch titles to be announced between now and when Stadia is available to actually buy outside of the pre-order phase this Fall.

That, or Google is simply referring to those extra games as additional waves of launch titles because they may be planned for a release onto the platform following closely after the service’s launch date. Either way, Stadia will have plenty for gamers to sink their teeth into especially when you consider how many launch games that are already confirmed will offer continuously evolving content, these being the MMOs and MMO-like titles such as Destiny 2, Division 2, and Elder Scrolls Online.

Google hasn’t mentioned any costs associated with games just yet, but certain launch titles that are confirmed are brand-new or will be launching sometime around the same time as Stadia. DOOM Eternal launches later this year, as does Rage 2 and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Borderlands 3 is another really big launch title that won’t be out until September 13, so with that in mind, those games are probably going to cost $59.99 a piece just like they will on other platforms.


If you’re looking to play games on Stadia, you’ll be able to do so on either the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3a, as well as desktops and laptops and tablets, or TVs as long as you have a Chromecast Ultra. Just don’t expect to have access to Stadia on your Android TV device as it’s not likely to be supported.