Stadia Scores Big On Game Titles And Publisher Partners

Stadia officially broke gaming ground today and with it Google announced some pretty exciting stuff for the world of gaming, but perhaps the most exciting part is the sheer number of big game titles and big publisher partnerships that the company was able to secure for its new cloud gaming platform.

One of the most recognizable is without a doubt Destiny 2 and the partnership with its publisher Bungie, which also just announced the future of Destiny 2 and its aim to make the game a living world. Destiny 2 of course is not alone in joining Stadia on the platform, other games in a similar category are also coming to Stadia and making sure that gamers will have a plethora of options.

Partners like Ubisoft are getting cozy with Google and Stadia as well, introducing some of its games to the platform like the Division 2, another living world game which links players up with others in an action MMO-type experience to take on big challenges and evolving content over time.

It's games like these with the big publishers behind them that are going to help bring Stadia to the head of the pack on the cloud gaming front and make it a real competitor, or at least that's the hope for Google, which is setting things up to make Stadia a platform that allows gameplay anywhere and a great option for those which want to play with others.

While there might have been some hesitation with Stadia due to a feared lack of games, Google is going all-in. It already confirmed earlier this year that big titles such as Assassin's Creed Odyssey would be available and it showed DOOM Eternal running on the platform back at GDC 2019.

Beyond those titles, which are admittedly big, in addition to the Destiny 2 and the Division 2, Stadia will be home to a wide range of games spanning all kinds of genres. Bandai Namco is onboard with games like Dragonball Xenoverse 2, another MMO-like game, and fans of the famed RPG franchise Final Fantasy will be getting their hands on Square Enix' latest in the series, Final Fantasy XV, as well as the most recent Tomb Raider titles in a Tomb Raider Trilogy package.

Other big games like Edler Scrolls Online, Bladur's Gate 3, Rage 2, and more are being brought to the platform, meaning Google has scored some serious partnerships for its Stadia gaming platform that should help it make a pretty big splash right from the start.

With that said, not all of those games are going to necessarily be available at launch. So far the only game that seems to have been confirmed to be playable with the service release is Destiny 2: The Collection, which gives you access to everything that has currently launched for it.

There are also some games listed for the platform which aren't yet available, DOOM Eternal being one of those alongside Darksiders Genesis, neither of which have release dates listed. Others like Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the new Wolfenstein game, 'Wolfenstein Youngblood,' are set to launch before Stadia does so those could very well be included in the service immediately.

PlayStation may tout being the "best place to play" but Stadia seems like it will be a very enticing option for gamers considering all of the titles that will become available, and if you don't fancy buying a console or shelling out the money needed for a powerful gaming rig, Stadia just might be platform for you.

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