This Is What The Front Of The Pixel 4 Could Look Like


Google is usually tight-lipped about its upcoming products, and designs of them tend to be closely guarded aside from leaks that show up fairly close to official announcement time. Not so with the Pixel 4 as Google officially announced and leaked its own phone earlier in the week, but just of the back. This Pixel 4 concept render showcases what you can likely expect from the design of the phone from the front.

The design may not look like much at first glance, and if you think about it it kinds of makes the design a resounding success. Google has offered up some pretty simplistic designs for the Pixel products but there's usually a lot more going on then what the design lets on, keeping things to a simple look but offering up a lot of function.

This is sort of the case here with the design of the front of the phone in this concept render fromĀ Jonas Deihnert (@PhoneDesigner).


When you consider recent leaks of the Pixel 4 which have alleged the phone would come with five front imaging units and that the device would come with no notch on the front, those factors of design are present here in this concept. Or so it would seem.

There is clearly no notch. In its place a very thin bezel at the top instead. In that bezel can be seen a plethora of sensors, two of which are quite obviously front-facing cameras. The others could be made up of the three additional imaging units, as well as the standard sensors you see on the front of most smartphones these days.

With the removal of the notch as well as the confirmation from Google that the fingerprint sensor on the back is not included with the Pixel 4 thanks to the company's own leaked photo, the Pixel 4 would offer customers a very clean device design from front to back to sides.


Without the notch the display also should appear to be more filled out. The bezels on the top and bottom are so thin that there just seems to be more screen to work with, though to be fair the notch didn't really take much away from usable screen space.

Other than unseen front that's envisioned here, there's also a secondary color for the phone that hasn't been shown off by Google yet. In its own leaked render the Pixel 4 is black, which means there's going to be at least a black version of the Pixel 4 devices.

The second color shown here looks like a white version of the phone (though it looks almost grey), choosing to keep the back color for the camera module and adding a black accent on the side for the power button.


The same approach has been applied to the power button on the black model helping the whole device have a little but of accented color to bring a tiny bit of detail that stands out from the sea of black that washes over the rest of the device. Both of these renders are also based off of past leaks as well as the one Google leaked on June 12, so they're as accurate as they can be until Google shows off both sides of the phone.

Google still has some surprises left for the overall design of the device, but this is likely what consumers can expect based on any leaked information and images that have been discovered so far.