Interested In A Mint Google Pixel 4? Apparently, One's Coming


New renders of the Google Pixel 4 have now surfaced online and look to provide a closer look at the color options that will be available.

The renders come from IndiaShoppe and are claimed to have been provided by "sources who are close to the Pixel smartphone development team."

There are four images in total and between them they detail the usual black and white colorways, along with a third color that has not been mentioned before – Mint Green.


As to be expected with a Pixel phone, the different color options also come with contrasting-colored power buttons, such as white on the black model, blue on the white model and a lemon(ish) power button on the mint button.

Some of the other aspects the renders look to confirm is the absence of a rear-positioned fingerprint sensor (in favor of an in-display solution and/or facial recognition), as well as the absence of a notch or a hole punch.

There's no suggestion made by the outlet that these are official (or even accurate) renders and if you look closely enough that becomes fairly evident as the camera module is displayed differently depending on which image you are looking at. Therefore, these should not be considered accurate images of the phone.


Whether that also means the information accompanying the images is incorrect, remains to be seen as the images could have just been created as 'concept renders' by the said sources to highlight the information provided. Although, again, there's no mention by the outlet as to whether that's the case.

Either way, we already do know what the rear of the device looks like as in an unprecedented move, Google decided to "leak" the rear of the phone itself. Therefore, besides the discrepancy in the camera module in some of these images, the rear of the device shown does match up with what is pretty much a confirmed rear design.

The front of the device is a different matter however as there's been very little information surfacing on this point. Concept renders of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL have been coming through routinely recently and the front view shown here seems to match up with previous ones.


While that itself is not much, it at least does indicate there's a growing expectation that Google has done away with the large cut-out on the XL line in favor of a more typical bezel look sported by previous non-XL models. That is, unless the company is continuing with two different designs and if that is the case then it remains largely unknown what the front of the XL model looks like.

Beyond the look of the Google Pixel 4 line, there's still also very few details known about what the device will offer. It does seem a given the new model will once again heavily lean on camera capabilities as Pixel phones always have. This is even more true considering this will be the first time Google has moved beyond one rear camera.

Otherwise, rumors point to very little change beyond what would be expected with a generation-over-generation upgrade such as this.


Of course, and in spite of the early reveal by Google, the Pixel 4 line is not expected to be announced until October so there's still plenty of time for the rest of what's on offer to come to light.

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