Google Home Is Becoming Nest Home According To The Google Store

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Google looks to be preparing to change the name of its Google Home smart speaker. A Google Store listing for the ‘base for Google Home’ accessory under its discounted “Special Offers” category recently referred to the accessory as the Nest Home Base, suggesting that Google is going to be changing the name of the smart speaker lineup in the near future.

The change was spotted earlier by 9To5Google, and while the name was different at some point today it would appear that Google has already changed it back. A quick search for the item on the Google Store listing under the Special Offers lists it as the base for Google Home once again.

The brief alteration of the smart speaker’s official label points to the fact that Google may have changed the name for the device prematurely, but even if that is the case then it would seem Google is still going to be changing the name at some point and it might be happening soon if the listing on the website with new branding was already created.


It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the first time that Google revealed something earlier than it had intended. It did so with the Nest Hub Max at least one month prior to its official unveiling at Google I/O.

When it happens isn’t clear but it might be just around the corner, and with the new name Google could be looking to unveil a new product for the lineup, as it wouldn’t make much sense to change the branding and then have nothing else on the way in the immediate future.

Google has confirmed that a change for its Google Home branding was in the cards, revealing at its 2019 Google I/O conference that all of its home products would be living under the new label of Google Nest, including the lineup of currently available Nest products like the thermostats and security cameras.

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Google has made other moves in this overarching change. Back on June 18 it transitioned the entirety of the Nest.com website over to the Google Store while reiterating that Google Home and Nest have joined forces and will be consolidating into one branding, Google Nest, going forward.

With the shift of Nest.com to the Google Store and now the “Nest Home” label having been revealed, even if a little earlier than anticipated, Google appears to be right on track to get things united and wrapped up into a single, neat little package.

If you think about it, changing the name of Google Home to Nest Home does make sense along with the Google Nest branding. With the latter change, it would be confusing and convoluted to have the name “Google Home” floating about Google’s online store front, or anywhere for that matter, when the company itself is now listing all of its smart home products under the Google Nest label.


Consumers would likely start to ask what the differences are between Google Home and Google Nest and why they should choose one over the other. This way, Google can have one single brand and one name for its product line of smart speakers and other smart home devices, with no one wondering whether or not all of it belongs to Google.