The Google Home Hub Fire Sale Continues At Rakuten, Now Just $61


Rakuten has continually discounted the Google Home Hub, and each time it is discounted, it hits a new all-time low price. This time, it's down to just $60.98. That makes this an impulse buy for a lot of people.

The Google Home Hub – which just got a rebrand to the Nest Home Hub – is one of the best smart displays out there. But at its original price of $129, it was hard to recommend it, especially for its size. It has a 7-inch display and there's also no camera for video calls over Duo. However, that is no longer a problem, now that the Home Hub is priced much lower, and in this instance, it's more than half off.

Home Hub is a smart display that has the Google Assistant built-in. So if can do everything that a Google Home Mini could do, but a bit more. With a display included, it makes it a much better gadget for a lot of people. Primarily because now when you ask Google Assistant for the weather, it'll tell you and show you the weather on the display. It'll also show you more information than it'll speak to you, which is really convenient.


It can, of course, still control your smart home. You can control it with your voice or on the display. Just swipe down from the top bezel and you can turn off your lights, or adjust the volume of the TV and so forth. Which makes things really easy for those that are looking to control their smart home, but don't want to rely on their voice for doing so.

You can pick up the Google Home Hub from Rakuten right now using the link below. Remember to use the code SAVE15 so that you can save an additional 15-percent, which is what drops the price down to just $60.98. You'll also need to sign in or create a free Rakuten account to do this.

Google Home Hub - Rakuten - $60.98