PUBG MOBILE Now Lets You Face Off In 4v4 Team Deathmatches

4v4 Mode Banner

Tencent and PUBG Corp have added some new content to PUBG MOBILE, letting you scale down the madness of the battle royale mode to just two teams of four players each for a 4v4 Team Deathmatch mode, complete with a new map, new Godzilla themed content and a handful of quality of life updates to the rest of the game as a whole.

The new 4v4 Team Deathmatch is not too unlike the War event that was briefly added into the normal PUBG on PC back in 2018, though instead of having multiple squads of ten players each all fighting for victory by being the first to get to 200 points, there are only two teams of four. This is also the first time that there has been any sort of deathmatch gameplay in PUBG MOBILE which should make this an exciting addition to the game for current players.

Where this new team mode differs from the War event in PUBG is that it’ll be sticking around. It also tasks the players with getting the most kills by the end of the match instead of being the first to get to 200 points, and players can choose to either play in first-person or third-person view depending on which suits their needs the best, though third-person view won’t be added till later this Summer.

The new map, called Warehouse, looks to be small enough to fit perfectly with the new Team Deathmatch mode but still plenty big enough to give you numerous places to hide and wait for your enemies, or simply go running and gunning.


This content update is a part of a larger update that included a new collaboration with the Godzilla King of The Monsters film for an in-game event. Now when logging in players will notice a new Godzilla theme for the lobby background. Tencent says there are other new Godzilla-themed additions too though it seems like players will have to discover those for themselves.

A collection of other changes to the game through this update include a new third-party anti-cheat system to help players have a more fun, fair, and rewarding experience. Players may also notice that the Vikendi map now shows footprints in the snow when players walk across it.

The goal here is to allow players to track their opponents using the footprints, making it more difficult to hide from your enemies and keeping you on your toes. If in-game achievements are your thing then strap in and boot up the game as there are now more to acquire. These new achievements are all for the 4v4 team deathmatch mode, and include things like initial and final kills as well as how many matches in that mode you’ve won.

All of the new content should go quite well with the addition of the end of match MVP showcases, letting you have digital bragging rights by displaying your characters best match highlights to the other people who played with you. It’s just the right amount of boasting without being too over the top. The new content update for PUBG MOBILE is already live if you’re wanting to jump in and experience it all for yourself.