Twitch Prime Members Get Dungeon Hunter Champions Freebies

Twitch Prime is a wonderful perk you get if you're a Prime member and alongside all the other awesome things you can get with it every single month, starting today players of Gameloft's MOBA based on the Dungeon Hunter franchise are going to get a handful of freebies.

There will only be one free piece of in-game content to redeem every so often but the free stuff will be coming throughout the month of June and continue all the way into September, with items ranging from skins to currency. The first item which dropped today can already be acquired and is a new skin for the Bounty Hunter champion called the brutal bounty hunter.

Additional items will include 100 gems, 100 energy, 3 rare discs, 3 super Fuzzlepuffs, and a whopping 50,000 gold. Since all of the items will be spaced out over the three-month time span players won't be able to gather everything at once, and there's no information regarding which items appear first.

That said if you simply play casually, chances are you may end up gathering all of the free items before you use all or most of it, and once an item is redeemed then you will have it forever, at least until you use it.

Between all of the items that are included the total value of the items is about $100, and Twitch Prime is free if you're a prime member which is $13 a month, so that's really only $39 of the $100 value, and that's in addition to all the other great perks you get with Prime so this is really a win here for members who play this game.

What's more is that the perks can be redeemed by players on any of the platforms Dungeon Hunter Champions is available on, which of course includes Android, but also iOS and PC so no matter where you play the game you won't miss out on the free stuff.

Since items are staggered players will want to go back to the Twitch Prime page every so often to check and see what new items are available to grab, as each month usually brings in the new crop and does away with whatever was available for free the previous month. Meaning if you want the new skin and any other potential items that are releasing in June as part of the Twitch Prime freebies, you'll want to redeem them before June is over.

If you're unfamiliar with MOBA games or the Dungeon Hunter franchise, gameplay in Dungeon Hunter Champions will consist of multiplayer battles in an arena where five players face off against another five players as they attempt to take down each other's base. You'll have plenty of different champions to choose from each with their own unique abilities and stats.

The nice thing is that DHC doesn't just offer PvP content and will also include some solo play, so you can practice and hone your skills with the champions of your choice. There's also a campaign mode that lets you team up with other players to defeat raid bosses and such so this is definitely a slightly different type of MOBA game.

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