Stadia May Include Destiny 2 With Cross Save Feature


Google will finally be revealing new information about its upcoming game streaming service Stadia tomorrow, which the company has confirmed will include game announcements. One of those games is now being rumored to be Destiny 2, the widely popular loot shooter from Bungie, who is holding a big announcement of its own tomorrow to shed light on the future of the game.

In addition to Stadia gaining Destiny 2 as a big game for the platform it's also stated that it will support cross save, a feature which was leaked earlier this morning through data mining and is highly likely to be part of Bungie's announcement alongside a new expansion for the game, called 'Shadowkeep.'

For Destiny players, the cross save feature is big news if true. It's been sought after in large part since Destiny 2 originally launched for PC back in the beginning of its first year in 2017. With Google Stadia in the mix players will be able to take their guardians starside on more platforms.


Cross save will essentially make it possible for players to connect their Destiny 2 characters to a blanketed account which they can then link to the other platforms where Destiny 2 is available, which would save them from having to level characters up from scratch if they decided to hop over to a new platform. Rumored platforms to support this alongside Stadia are PC and Xbox One.

The strength here for Stadia means that players would have an easy point of entry to jumping into the game on numerous devices. One minute they could be playing with friends and clan mates on PC. Later in the day they could boot the game up on a supported mobile device, all because of Stadia's promise to offer game streaming across multiple screens through Google's Chrome browser.

According to the details Destiny 2 will be available on Stadia sometime this Fall, which could mean that the game will simply not be available for Stadia at launch or Fall is the general time frame of when Google plans to launch its game streaming service.


As this Fall is the expected time frame for Destiny 2's new expansion that was leaked yesterday following the release of the game's latest season of content from the annual pass, a Fall launch of Stadia would fit nicely along with the cross save, giving players the opportunity to play the new expansion on Stadia right away if they wish.

Bungie's big announcement is scheduled for 10AM PST, while Stadia's announcement is scheduled for 9AM PST. If Stadia is indeed getting Destiny 2 as a game, chances are that any details regarding Destiny will either not be announced until near the end of Google's Stadia Connect event so Bungie would have the chance to reveal new information first, or the information will simply not include anything that Bungie itself hasn't revealed yet.

Cross save is a massive feature for the game, and Shadowkeep has yet to be made official by Bungie, so what's more likely to happen is Google announcing Destiny 2 coming to Stadia, while Bungie may announce that Cross save is coming along with the new expansion and that both will be part of the Stadia platform. However the details come out, this is a big win for Google's streaming service, which could easily be hampered by not having enough popular games available for its users.


Destiny 2 is a highly popular game and though its by no means hitting World of Warcraft numbers for monthly active users, it's certainly big enough to give Stadia a very noticeable partnership. This could also be a big win for Bungie.

Putting Destiny 2 on Stadia probably means a hefty chunk of revenue for Bungie, which previously had the big money from Activision backing it. After the recent split from Activision, however, Bungie would obviously need to look at new ways to make up for some of that cash loss. This potential partnership could prove to be one of those methods, and could help Bungie make all future Destiny content even better.