Apps You'll Want So You Can Make The Most Of E3 2019


Google's Stadia may be a big thing in gaming right now as it prepares to announce the details surrounding its launch and pricing this coming Thursday, but E3 is still arguably the biggest thing in gaming as there will be loads and loads of news about upcoming games from the industry's biggest publishers and developers, and it all kicks off next week on June 11.

If you're even the slightest bit interested in games and you think of yourself as a gamer to any degree, then no doubt going to E3 would be the best way to experience all of the excitement and magic of what's to come, but for those that aren't able to attend the event physically there are still apps you can install to make the most of the event. With E3 just around the corner now that it's officially June, these are some of the best apps to look into if you want to keep up on all things E3.

The Official E3 App


Whether you're attending the event or not the official E3 app is the first app you'll want to consider installing as it will offer plenty of features to both sets of users. It's got everything from maps of the event's convention center so you can see where all the biggest press conferences will be as well as all the little bits and pieces of information like show information and the schedule of everything happening.

There's even some more granular stuff users can interact with, such as rating the panels or press conferences, though this is quite obviously more focused on people who will be attending. Even if you're not going to be there though, you might still find certain features of the app useful, such as the E3 Live section or the photo and video gallery where you can see things happening at the event.

Xbox App


Sony may not be attending E3 this year, but Microsoft will still be there to showcase whatever's going on currently in the world of Xbox as well as what's happening in the future including new games, and potentially details about its next-generation console.

While the Xbox app focuses mostly on interacting with friends, seeing who's online, checking out your profile and achievements and more, there is an activity feed section where Microsoft is likely to post updates for all things Xbox as they happen at E3, and if you're not able to watch the press conferences then this may be a nice tool to have in your hands so you don't miss a beat.



It's not entirely related to gaming but plenty of news and information about the latest games and gaming-related items will be popping up on Twitter both from the companies behind them as well as fans and industry professionals who are at the event seeing things unfold.

One way to make sure that you aren't missing anything as it comes through or as it's happening, or at the very least not missĀ most of what you're interested in, is to have Twitter on hand and make sure you're following every company who will be at the expo. This also allows you a way to communicate with those companies as someone will be managing those Twitter feeds and replying to people who ask questions and make comments.



In the same vein as Twitter, YouTube will be a big social platform to keep an eye on, as many of the companies who are attending will have livestreams going their press conferences and there will be numerous trailers popping up for the latest games that are being announced.

YouTube will be the home to many of these trailers as well as the livestreams, which will also likely be available for viewing after they're no longer live, and all you'll need to do is visit those relevant channels for the stuff you're wanting to see.



Similar to YouTube, Twitch will be housing some of the livestreams as well, and Square Enix in particular is one example of a company who will be utilizing Twitch as the platform of choice for their livestream. Square Enix Live will take place through Twitch on June 10, so a day before the official E3 Expo kicks off, and it'll be starting at 6PM Pacific Standard Time.

It's not just limited to Square Enix either. Bethesda, Nintendo, and Ubisoft are just a few of the other big names that will livestream their press conferences via the Twitch platform, so you'll want to be set up and ready to view whatever comes down the pipeline.