Get A Pair Of Smart Light Bulbs For $25


Amazon is currently dropping the price of the eufy Lumos smart light bulbs, down to just $24.74. That is good for 25-percent off of their regular price, making this a really great time to pick up a pair of light bulbs to add to your smart home. This is a two-pack of light bulbs for this price, and considering most light bulbs are twice this price individually, this is a killer deal.

These eufy Lumos light bulbs are not the most fancy smart lights out there. These are soft white light bulbs and there's no way to change the color. These are equivalent to 60W light bulbs, so they will be perfect for ceiling lights and lamps throughout your home. Ones that you likely won't want to change colors on – like to blue or purple – anyways.

Anker, who is the parent company of eufy, has also made sure that these work with all of the smart assistant platforms. So these light bulbs do work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple's Siri. They also work pretty well with IFTTT for some sweet home automation. You can, of course, also control these with the eufy app that's available on both Android and iOS.


The eufy Lumos light bulbs are great for those that aren't looking for anything fancy, but just want some light bulbs that will be "smart" and can be controlled with their voice. There's no colors to be changed here, so it's just a matter of turning them on or off. These do also support dimming, so you can dim these bulbs, if you wish to do so, which is a nice feature to have too.

You can pick up this pair of eufy Lumos smart light bulbs from Amazon using the link down below. Remember to clip the coupon on the page to save another 25-percent.

eufy Lumos Smart Light Bulbs - Amazon - $24.74