Copa America, UFC Fight Night & More Are Streaming On ESPN+ This Week

copa america

ESPN+ has a ton of new content that is streaming on its platform this week, which is highlighted by Copa America (group stage continues through June 24), as well as the US Open Cup and UFC Fight Night which is happening this Saturday.

Copa America will feature some group stage matches this week, which include Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Columbia, Chile and more. This is going to be a big one for those that are big football (soccer) fans.

Though, if you’re looking for some American teams to root for, the US Open Cup: Round of 16 is this week. With Atlanta United, DC United, LAFC, LA Galaxy and more competing through tomorrow. Which is going to offer up some hard-hitting football action this week, before they move onto the next round.


Those that are UFC fans, the next Fight Night is happening on Saturday, in Greenville, South Carolina. Which has Renato Moicano vs The Korean Zombie and a few others. The UFC also has some original content that launched on ESPN+ this week. Which is the Dana White Contender Series. This show is all about finding the next-generation of UFC talent. The Tuesday night Contender Series will have ten fighters on the biggest stage in their lives, to show that they have what it takes to make it in the UFC.

Since the UFC is always in need of new talent, to build the future of the company, this is a good way to do just that. And get more people interested in the UFC. If you are a big UFC fan, then this is something you’ll want to watch.

This is just some of the many programs that are streaming live on ESPN+ this week. You’ll also find select MLB games airing on ESPN+ this week and throughout the summer. With the All-Star Game right around the corner, this is a good time to get into watching your favorite team and seeing if they can get on a good run heading into the All-Star Game in early July.


ESPN+ already has a ton of great content and it has plenty more planned for the summer. So if you are looking to watch all of that content, then now is a good time to sign up for ESPN+. It’s just $4.99 per month, which makes it almost a steal, considering everything that you are getting here. Not only are you getting UFC, Top Rank Boxing and other sports, but you’re getting some original content and some studio shows to go with it. So there’s plenty of content to watch here.

The service is available on just about every platform that you can imagine. That includes Android, iOS, Android TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Fire Tablets, Xbox One, as well as Samsung and LG TVs, so you can literally watch it virtually anywhere. Whether you’re at home or not.

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