BIG3 Basketball Starts This Weekend, Exclusively On CBS All Access

big3 basketball

BIG3 Basketball returns this Saturday, June 22 in Detroit and continues on Sunday, June 23 in Indianapolis. It’s in its third season now, and is being broadcast exclusively on CBS this year. Which means that cord cutters can watch all the action this summer on CBS All Access for just $5.99 per month (after a week long trial).

The premise of BIG3 Basketball is pretty simple. It’s three on three half court basketball, and the players are hall of famers, NBA champions and some of the NBA’s best. While many NBA players will “retire” and then still have most of their life ahead of them. With the BIG3, those players can continue to ball, well into their 40s, 50s and beyond.

Watching the BIG3, you’ll find some of your favorite players from the 2000s. Like Nate Robinson, Metta World Peace (formerly, Ron Artest), Kenyon Martin, Baron Davis and many more. This year, the BIG3 has expanded to 12 teams, from the original eight. That just goes to show you how popular this basketball league has gotten in just two years.


Ice Cube created the BIG3 as a way to allow basketball players to continue playing after they retire. It also allows everyone to keep watching basketball after the NBA season is over, and before it starts up in October. Players in the BIG3 are paid a flat amount for the season. So instead of the bigger players making millions, while the benchwarmers make thousands, everyone makes the same amount. Which makes it a lot more competitive than the NBA – which is a little insane really.

The BIG3 will take place every Saturday and Sunday through August, before the playoffs get started. The games are pretty short, so if you do attend any of the games, you will get three games for the price of one. Which is really cool.

Of course, you can watch it on TV, on CBS this year. And it starts at 8PM EST on Saturday and Sunday. With CBS All Access, you can watch the entire season on your TV, smartphone, tablet or any other device. Which is pretty nice. Considering CBS All Access is just $5.99 per month. That’s an absolute steal.


CBS All Access does have a ton of great shows available. You’ll find some old classic shows as well as some newer ones like The Big Bang Theory, Madam Secretary and much more. There are some exclusive shows for CBS All Access like the reboot of The Twilight Zone. You also get live streams of CBS, CBS Sports and CBS News included. Allowing you to watch the BIG3 live, with your subscription.

The BIG3 is a great way to spend your summer. Watching, basically street basketball, with some of the all-time greats from the NBA that can still lay it down on the court. The games end when a team hits 50 points (you have to win by 2) and halftime is at 25 points. So there’s no real clock in the game, other than a shot clock, which is 14 seconds. Keeping this a rather fast-paced game, and full of excitement.

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