Best Android Games — Tennis — June 2019

AH Tennis games June 2019

Roland Garros is currently ongoing in France, it seems to be a perfect time to share some tennis games for you to enjoy. There are quite a few tennis games available in the Play Store, though not all of them are good.

We have hand-picked 10 titles to shares with you here, though some that you enjoy may be missing from the list, as there are simply too many solid games to count. Down below, you will find all sorts of tennis games, ranging from 3D simulation ones, to tennis management games.

Before you start browsing, please do note that these games are not listed in any specific order, just because one game is placed above the other doesn’t really mean anything.


Ultimate Tennis

Ultimate Tennis is a 3D simulation tennis game. Graphics in these game are quite solid, and so are controls. There are several different gaming modes that you can experience here, including World Tour, League, and Online. You can play with both male and female players, and customize their equipment and skills as you progress. You can actually choose between one-handed or two-handed controls in this game.

Ultimate Tennis (Play Store)


Tennis Manager 2019

Tennis Manager 2019 is one of the best tennis management games in the Play Store. You essentially take the role of a tennis manager here, and your goal is to develop training centers, youth camps, deal with sponsors, assistant coach, fitness trainers, and so on. You will also develop tactics and strategies for matches, of course, that is the most important part of the whole game.

Tennis Manager 2019 (Play Store)



TOP SEED Tennis is also a management game, though it’s fairly different than Tennis Manager 2019. As your player progresses in this game, you will be unlocking various new skills that will make him even better. You’re starting at the very bottom, and your goal is to rise in the ranks. Training is an important part of this game, and there are various other management factors included here, though you’ll need to think of far less things to take care of than in Tennis Manager 2019, which is probably a good thing for many of you.

TOP SEED Tennis (Play Store)


Stickman Tennis

Stickman Tennis is an arcade game, but a really fun one. This is a fast-paced game in which controls are really simple, and the game does offer a ton of replay value, as the developer says. You can choose between automatic and manual running in this game, while a training mode is also available here. There are three difficulty levels to choose from, and your goal is to climb the ranks and win tournaments.

Stickman Tennis (Play Store)


Tennis Bits

Tennis Bits is one of those cute-looking, arcade game that are really addictive. This game comes from the creators of Bouncy Bits and Fishy Bits, and you can actually pit a polar bear against a jellyfish in this game. There are over 45 characters to choose from, and a ton of interesting environments you can play in, including lava pits. Controls in this game are really simple, and the game is simply a joy to play.

Tennis Bits (Play Store)


Ace of Tennis

If you’re into cute-looking arcade tennis games like Tennis Bits, well, Ace of Tennis also belongs in that category. This is a fun game with rather interesting characters, and the controls are really good. The game is fun to play, and you can either play exhibition matches for fun, or participate in World Tour or Championship tournaments. Various power-ups are available in the game, and the graphics are not ground-breaking, but they’re more than good enough.

Ace of Tennis (Play Store)


Bang Bang Tennis Game

Bang Bang Tennis Game is also a tennis arcade, but you’ll play this game from a completely different perspective, as you get a bird’s view here. There are barriers in this game that prevent the ball to go out, so your goal is simply to smash the ball past your opponent. It will provide you a different kind of fun, compared to other games on the list, and two players can actually play this game on the same device, which is an added bonus.

Bang Bang Tennis Game (Play Store)

3D Tennis

3D Tennis is a tennis simulation game with truly great graphics, at least compared to most other games on the list. The developer claims that this game is a proper simulation, and the controls are well-executed as well. There are a ton of players that you can choose from in this game, and you can choose between Quick Play and World Tour modes here. If you’re not much for arcades, and would like to play a proper tennis simulation, 3D Tennis is one of the best ones out there.

3D Tennis (Play Store)

Stick Tennis

Stick Tennis is one of those easy to play, but hard to master games. Controls in the game are extremely simple, and daily challenges are provided by the developer. You can improve your game at the Casual Sets Tennis Club, before you go and try your luck playing the all-time great in the World Domination mode. You can unlock ten realistic cour surfaces all around the world, and over 70 players.

Stick Tennis (Play Store)

Australian Open Game

Australian Open Game is the official game of the Australian Open. This is actually a really solid simulation game which allows you to create your own player, and take it through the complete Australian Open tournament. You can also play some quick matches against the world’s best players, to practice before the tournament. You can unlock all players registered for the 2019 Australian Open tournament, and also experience increasingly higher difficulty.

Australian Open Game (Play Store)