Best Android Apps — Tennis — June 2019

AH tennis apps June 2019

We published our very favorite tennis games yesterday, and now it’s time to take a look at tennis games. Roland Garros is on its way in France as we speak, so some of you are probably amped up as far as tennis is concerned.

This list, as you probably already figured out based on the first paragraph, will contain only regular applications, not games. When it comes to tennis apps, there are some really solid ones in the Play Store, but not nearly as much as games.

In the list down below, you will find mostly tennis news and various live score applications, though they are different in comparison. In addition to that, we’ve also included some apps that will help you find a sports buddy, essentially, someone nearby you can play tennis with… and so on.


Do note that these applications are not listed in any specific order, so just because an app is first on the list doesn’t mean it’s better than the others.

Tennis Fan

Tennis Fan is one of those all-in-one tennis applications, basically. This app will deliver tennis news to your smartphone, and the same can be said for live scores, video highlights and so on. The app is focused on both ATP and WTA matches, and it does come with support for push notifications. You can also check out tournament schedules via this application, and the UI design is really nice as well.


Tennis Fan (Play Store)

Tennis Math

Tennis Math is basically a very detailed tennis score and statistics tracker. This app’s UI offers a really simple and clean design, and there are several tracking options you can rely on. You can even fix scores while tracking, insert comments, and so on. The developer has announced that many new features are on the way, including a web interface for your data, translations to many new languages, etc.


Tennis Math (Play Store)

Tennis 24

Tennis 24 is a tennis live score application. This app will provide you with live scores from more than 2,000 tennis tournaments, and it delivers information fairly quickly. In addition to scores themselves, you’ll also get access to various statistics that you may be interested in. Match history is included here as well, while push notifications are supported. The app’s design is very clean, and reading all that info is a joy actually, due to the app’s UI.


Tennis 24 (Play Store)

Find tennis players nearby

Find tennis players nearby (also known as Tennis Buddy) app is kind of self-explanatory. Using this application, you can find other people, that live near you, and are interested in playing tennis, just in case you don’t have a friend who is interested, or is unable to play at the time. You can even filter players based on skill level, age, and gender, in addition to that location filter, of course.


Find tennis players nearby (Play Store)


SofaScore is one of the most popular live score applications in general, and tennis is a part of the package. SofaScore is a very reliable live score app that will deliver results and various statistics to your device. This app is great if you don’t like having separate live score applications for different sports on your device, as you can track football, soccer, basketball, table tennis, F1… and various other sports using this app, in addition to tennis, of course.


SofaScore (Play Store)

Tennis News

Tennis News app, as its name says, focuses on tennis news. This app will deliver you tennis news from all around the world, as it pulls information from the most popular RSS feeds out there. It covers both on and off the court news, while it will also send articles on fitness advice to your phone, for some reason. Podcasts and videos are also included in the package, and even live scores. You’ll get access to a tennis calendar via this app as well, and much more.


Tennis News (Play Store)


Tennboard is a tennis score keeper application. Using this app, you can share tennis score with your friends in a private club, and also compete for top places on local leaderboards… which should make tennis even more fun. You can create or join a club in this app, create a new club that contains from two to 20 players, and so on. You can set the app to receive a notification when a new match is added, compare your statistics with stats from other players, and so on.

Tennboard (Play Store)


ATP/WTA Live is an official live score app from the ATP World Tour and WTA. This app allows you to follow your favorite tennis players and tournaments throughout the season, and that includes ATP Challenger Tour events. You’ll get access to live scores, live match stats, completed matches, rankings, player bios, head-to-head records, and so on. The app is available in over 15 languages.

ATP/WTA Live (Play Store)


Rovo is an app similar to Tennis Buddy, but while Tennis Buddy helps you find opponents for tennis only, this app works for all sports, basically. This app will allow you to meet new people who are willing to play sports that you are interested in, or you can simply talk about sports that you’re interested in. There are a ton of sports included in this app, from soccer and basketball, all the way to archery, netball, polo… and various other sports.

Rovo (Play Store)

Tennis Temple

Tennis Temple is yet another live scores application, and a very compelling one at that. You will not only get live scores for various tennis matches, but also news, schedules, and a tennis calendar here. This app also contains forums that you can use to discuss matches with other people, while the app also allows you to find tennis partners and coaches near where you live. It’s not only a live score app, it’s basically a community for people who love tennis.

Tennis Temple (Play Store)