Best Android Games — Skateboarding — June 2019

AH skateboarding games June 2019

Not everyone is into skateboarding, but for those of you who are, there are quite a few skateboarding games available in the Play Store. Some of these games are truly compelling, not only do they come with nice-looking, 3D graphics, but they also provide you with great content in general.

There are several 2D titles that are more than worth a look as well. Even those of you who are not really into skateboarding can have some fun with these games. That being said, we did our best to hand-pick the very best Play Store has to offer, and the ten games listed down below are what we found, these are at least our picks.

There are some additional titles that are worth a look, so your favorite may not even be on this list. In any case, these games are not listed in any specific order, so just because one is placed above the other does not mean it’s better or anything of the sort.


Subway Skateboard Ride Tricks

Subway Skateboard Ride Tricks is a perfect game for you if you like urban skateboarding. This is a skateboard stunt simulator game, as the developer calls it, and your goal is to become the very best urban skateboarder. You will be able to race and do tricks all over the city’s subway in this game, and the graphics are not bad at all. All in all, this is one of the best urban skateboard games for Android, even though you’re basically limited to the subway.

Subway Skateboard Ride Tricks (Play Store)


Flip Skater

Flip Skater game has a completely different approach in comparison to the Subway Skateboard Ride Tricks. In this game, you will perform tricks on skateboard ramps all over the globe, as there are some really interesting locations included in this game. There are a ton of tricks included in this game, and also quite a few boards and characters you can try out. Your goal is, of course, to beat highscores and become the best out there.

Flip Skater (Play Store)


True Skate

True Skate is the official Street League Skateboarding mobile game. This game offers realistic touch-based physics, and it’s a 3D game in which you will see only a skateboard, without anyone on it. This will give you a good look at the board, and make it possible for you to perform more accurate tricks. Slow motion is available in the game, while you also get access to global leaderboards. Only one skate park is available for free here, the rest of the content you will have to pay, just an FYI.

True Skate (Play Store)


Skateboard Party 3

Skateboard Party 3 is the third iteration of a rather popular franchize, and it’s quite fun. You get access to eight completely unique locations in this game, and in all of them, you can perform all sorts of tricks. The game contains a career mode, free skate mode, and even an online multiplayer. There are over 40 tricks that you can learn in this game, while there are a ton of additional features that you’ll get access to.

Skateboard Party 3 (Play Store)


Stickman Skate Battle

Stickman Skate Battle is a skateboarding edition of “Stickman” games, and this one is actually quite appealing, and one of the best-rated skateboarding games on the Play Store. This game comes with great controls, and will allow you to access skate parks all over the globe. A freestyle training mode is included here, while both offline and online content is available. There are 22 different characters at your disposal, and 32 different skateboards which include different abilities.

Stickman Skate Battle (Play Store)


Real Skate 3D

Much like with True Skate, you will see only a skateboard in this game, and the controls in this game are quite good. Graphics are quite compelling in True Skate 3D, and one of the main selling points for this game. You can choose from 20 skateboards in this game, and they’re all special in some way. Eight skateparks are available in the game, and over 150 challenging missions.

Real Skate 3D (Play Store)


Skater Rush

Are you a fan of endless runners? Well, if you are, then this is the game for you. This is basically an endless runner game, but instead of running, you’re riding a skateboard. You will be collecting coins in this game, while trying to avoid traffic and various other obstacles in the process. This game will also require you to perform various stunts during the game, and tackle various missions that are set in front of you.

Skater Rush (Play Store)

Skater Freestyle

Skater Freestyle is an arcade game, so if you’re a fan of arcade games, this is one of the best skateboard-themed ones that you can play on Android. Skater Freestyle contains approximately 150 levels that you can tackle, and around 10 skateboards. Controls are really easy to understand, and the sound is appropriate for a game of this kind. Graphics are not the best out there, but they fit perfectly with the gameplay here.

Skater Freestyle (Play Store)

City Skater

City Skater is yet another rather compelling 3D skateboarding game for you to try out. This game offers nice-looking graphics, and it gives you a chance to perform various tricks on skate parks. You can choose between quite a few skateboards here, and you can also compete in the Skateboard Pro, one of the biggest skateboarding competition of the year. Customizing your character is also an option here.

City Skater (Play Store)

Skating Freestyle Extreme 3D

Graphics in Skating Freestyle Extreme 3D does seem a bit dated at this point, but the game is still quite fun to play, that’s for sure. You can skate in a number of places in this game, while you will be earning skill points to level up your character skills as you progress. There are three different play modes that you can choose from, Arcade Mode, S-K-A-T-E Mode, and Free Run. Nine skateparks are at your disposal, and this game even allows you to create your own skate park.

Skating Freestyle Extreme 3D (Play Store)