Best Android Games – June 2019

Elder Scrolls Blades AH NS 03

While there are some games to be truly excited about on the horizon that are either close to a launch or still sitting in a pre-register status with no information about a release date, there are many more games on Android that you can grab right now which offer up compelling gameplay across different genres, so as to satisfy just about every taste for gaming glory.

Here are some of the best from the past month or so to sink your teeth into if you need something fresh to pick up and play, and though these aren’t the only new games worth looking into, these are titles which are sure to provide hours of quality fun whether you’re more into puzzles, rpgs, or even a little of adventure.

Layton: Diabolical Box in HD


If you like puzzles then you shouldn’t overlook this new title in the Layton series. It might be a bit pricey for some at a cost of $9.99, but it’ll be worth every penny thanks to the fleshed out story and top-notch voice acting that help to bring this game to life. To be clear, this is not a completely new title, it’s simply a new title for the Android platform. That said, let’s move onto the content.

There are over 150 new puzzles to complete including brain teasers, logic puzzles, and riddles to attempt and wrap your head around. some of these are actually quite simple to move beyond, but as you progress the puzzles do get harder and harder, and if you fancy a challenge then you’ll probably grow quite accustomed to the challenges thrown at you in Layton: Diabolical Box.

You’ll also find mini-games to spend time on and these are sure to be perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time to spare. It’s also playable in English, French, and Spanish.


The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

This is an unreleased game currently in the Play Store, which means it’s still in early access and there are some things which could be subject to change at some point as the development team continues to work on and improve it. As for the game type and content, this is a survival game with graphics that feel almost like those in Alto’s Odyssey so if you like that particular art style for games then you may appreciate it here too.

One of the first things you might notice is the appearance of a dynamic weather system and day and night cycles. The weather will change periodically and although the landscape is never going to shift away from a snowy backdrop for the majority of time you play, there are some instances where you’ll be fighting off monsters in caves and such.


As with any survival game your goal is to gather materials and craft stuff to help you survive things like harsh weather, monsters and other enemies, and even starvation. This is also an idle game so you won’t always have to keep an eye on things. You can pick up this title for free, so if you’re trying to avoid spending any money give this one a shot.

Smite Blitz

Another unreleased game in open beta, Smite Blitz promises a little more action than the last game on this list, and being that it’s based on the world and characters of Smite, fans of the original Smite game might enjoy this title when they’re away from home.


Unlike the original Smite, Smite Blitz is more of a tactical turn-based RPG so the gameplay may offer a bit of a slower pace, which is great for anyone that is looking for a game where they can slow things down a bit from the chaos that is often found in titles in the MOBA genre.

In Smite Blitz, players can choose to set up teams from 60 different gods like Hebo, Hades, Thor, Zeus and more, all with their own unique abilities. There’s even a PvP Mode if you get the itch to face off against other real players, or you can simply team up with them to take down larger bosses that you can’t beat yourself. There seems to be a big emphasis on collecting more gods so it has a little bit of a gacha rpg feel, and whatever gods you tend to stick with you’ll want to keep leveling them up to enhance their stats and attacks.

Human: Fall Flat


This is another puzzle game but with a much more zany and feel to it thanks to the wobbly characters and crazy physics of the game, which also add a unique level of challenge. There are loads of puzzles to solve in each level of the game and there are ten levels total. You can solve puzzles in multiple ways and do it all on your own it seems, but the best part about Human: Fall Flat might be the aspect of multiplayer.

Yes, it has multiplayer and you can play with up to four people in total, though presumably that includes yourself. If you want, you can work together to solve challenging puzzles that might be more difficult alone, but being that the game offers a comedic angle to the gameplay, you can also use your time with others to prank them and put a whole new spin on things.

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there. Human: Fall Flat also lets you customize your character with outfits like pirates, ninjas, dogs and more, so you can collect outfits and dress your character how you like to add to your persona. The devs say there’s endless combinations and that you can mix and match difference pieces, so really the costumes are only limited by your imagination.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This next game on the list is none other than the latest from Niantic, the creators of Pokémon GO. In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite the gameplay is very similar as it’s built on the same augmented reality technology. Explore the world around you to find all manner of magical creatures and monsters, collect them after defeating them using your magic spells and your very own wand, and level up your wizard character.

A big part of the game is creating your identity which consists of filling out your ministry ID. Take a picture, add some flare, and pick out a name so friends will know who you are in-game. You can also select your wand down the materials that make it up, and of course choose your house. Are you with Gryffindor or Slytherin?


Once you get this out of the way, you can proceed to discovering all the magical stuff around you, and just like in Pokémon GO you can take over locations, called fortresses in this game, visit inns (PokéStops), and defeat powerful enemies that will probably require you to team up with other wizards to best the opponent.

Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap

This artful and lovingly crafted remake of the original game from over two decades ago was launched initially on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms, and was launched on Android devices earlier this month. It features the ability to play with the retro graphics of the original game or the new, hand drawn graphics of the remake, and you can switch between them at any point in time, and this includes switching back and forth between the new and original audio!

Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap is a side scrolling adventure platformer with multiple playable characters, epic bosses to defeat, and kid-friendly gameplay so you can pass it off to the children. You can even change the difficulty if things are feeling too easy for you which is great for fans that are already used to these types of games and may be a little bit more skilled. There are three levels of difficulty as well.

The Elder Scrolls Blades

Rounding out the list is a title that’s not exactly new this month but it is still a recent game that launched a couple of months ago and even more recently opened up to all Android users in its beta format. Since this is still technically in a beta, expect some things to change but the game is already in a very polished state for where it’s at in development.

If you love the Elder Scrolls series then you will definitely want to check this game out. It’s free, so you there’s no barrier of entry to get into it, and there are tons and tons of quests to take on, which not only help you level up, expand your skills and stats, and add to the story, but also give you materials and gold to help build up the town you’ll be getting a large amount of quests from.

Take all that and throw in some really nice graphics, pretty decent combat, and a robust character progression system, and you have a winner on your hands. Definitely don’t sleep on this one.