Best Android Apps & Games — Fishing — June 2019

AH best fishing apps June 2019

Believe it or not, there are quite a few useful fishing applications available in the Google Play Store. We’re talking about both fishing apps and games. So, if you like to fish, or would simply like to play a fishing game to pass the time, you’re in the right place.

We’ve searched the Play Store for the very best fishing apps and games, and even though there are quite a few compelling ones out there, we’ve managed to trim down our list to only 10. As per usual, these are only our favorites, so your list may differ.

The list down below should help you get started, at least, if you’re at all interested in this type of games or apps. Some of these apps will help you tie fishing knots, others will help you find fishing spots, while some will simply keep you occupied to pass the time. These apps / games are not listed in any specific order, by the way, so it doesn’t really matter where they’re located on our list.


Monster Fishing 2019

This is actually quite a decent fishing game, which offers nice-looking 3D graphics. It’s really easy to play, but hard to master, as are most games on this list. One-touch controls make the whole experience really fun, and the game even comes with support for automatic fishing. You can actually fish for some truly monstrous fish in this game, and that is the goal, to catch prize fish and climb the ranks.

Monster Fishing 2019 (Play Store)


Fishing Points

Fishing Points is an app that will help you find good fishing locations, trotlines, and trolling paths. This app will show you fish activity, and it also comes with a satellite view from Google Maps. The app allows you to save fishing locations, hotspots, and waypoints, while you can also record trolling paths and trotlines. It also comes with a compass, and an offline mode with nautical charts (United States – NOAA).

Fishing Points (Play Store)


Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is one of the best fishing games around. This game comes with really nice 3D graphics, and it brings 12 real fishing locations to your smartphone’s display. There are six cities from different countries you can choose from, while the game also offers a wide selection of fishing tackle and equipment. There are tons of different species of fish you can try and catch, while fishing activities and tournaments are also included in the package.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator (Play Store)


Wild Fishing

Wild Fishing game is for those of you who enjoy wild fishing. This game focuses on deep sea fishing, and you can collect a total of 121 species of deep-sea fish in this game. You can visit 11 most famous fishing grounds in the world, while professional fishing tools are at your disposal. Interesting fishing props are also included in this game, while the graphics are spot on as well, this is a 3D game, by the way.

Wild Fishing (Play Store)


Fishing Baron

Fishing Baron is also a 3D fishing game, and its graphics are really enjoyable, while the game also has a really good UI. This game actually has a day / night cycle, while it also keeps track of days in a week. There are a number of different types of fishing rods, reels, and baits, same goes for different fish species. The game is really simple to play, but not that easy to master, while there are a ton of additional options that you have in this game.

Fishing Baron (Play Store)


Fishing Break

Fishing Break is also a fishing game, but a bit different than all the others we’ve mentioned thus far. This is a 2D game, and it gives you a different perspective on fishing. The game is simple to play, but challenging, while you have 22 fishing spots to visit in this game. There are hundreds of different fish you can try and catch, and over 200 special elemental fish (light, dark, grass, electric, fire, and ice).

Fishing Break (Play Store)


Useful Fishing Knots

If you’re new to fishing, or are simply trying to learn something new, this application can help you with that, quite a bit. This app will teach you how to tie fishing knots, as there are various different ones that you can go for. This app categorizes fishing knots by type and each knot comes with a description and step-by-step instructions. Knowing how to tie different fishing knots is always a good thing.

Useful Fishing Knots (Play Store)

Fishing Duels

Fishing Duels is a fishing game that is considerably different than any other fishing game on this list. This is a puzzle game, actually, and it’s quite fun. In this puzzle game, your goal is to collect fish, and in order to do that, you need to match three or more of them horizontally or vertically. You can also collect various fishing items in this game, including floating markers, hooks, rods, and so on.

Fishing Duels (Play Store)

Fishing Calendar

Fishing Calendar can be a really useful tool for fishermen. It’s an advanced Solunar prediction calendar that shows you the very best fishing times for any location. This calendar will show you moon phases, sunrise and sunset times, and it is a worldwide calendar, by the way. On top of everything, this app comes with a really nice-looking UI, and you can choose between imperial and metric units.

Fishing Calendar (Play Store)

Fishing Knots Real 3D

Fishing Knots Real 3D is an app that is somewhat similar to the Useful Fishing Knots app that we talked about earlier. This app does show you how to tie fishing knots in 3D, so you’ll get a much closer look at how to do it. You can actually change the color of the background, or the line, so that you get a better look at what’s going on. Not all knots are available from the get-go, though, so keep that in mind.

Fishing Knots Real 3D (Play Store)