August 7 To Be The Day Samsung Reveals The Galaxy Note 10

AH 2019 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 14 s pen

Samsung‘s two most popular smartphone lines include the Galaxy S series devices, the company’s very first Android flagship, as well as the Galaxy Note series which in recent years has offered a slightly more premium experience with the bigger screen and the benefits of the S Pen. The latter is due to get a new model, the Galaxy Note 10, which is now being rumored to get its reveal on August 7.

Samsung has not yet confirmed that it will hold its annual Unpacked event on August 7 to announce the Galaxy Note 10 to the public, but people “familiar with the matter” have reportedly told Cnet of the company’s plans to hold Unpacked on this day and that it would do so in New York at the Barclays Center where it held 2018’s Unpacked for the Galaxy Note 9 reveal.

As of right now there is little information about this device in the way of confirmed details, but rumors have alleged that Samsung plans to diversify its Galaxy Note 10 offerings by launching four different models of the phone; Two that are compatible with LTE only and two that are equipped to handle a 5G connection, while also differentiating them with varying cameras and other specs.

Such a decision would possibly be both a blessing and a curse. Offering LTE-only models of the phone would likely mean that version of the device would cost less than its 5G counterpart. However if there is a more expensive 5G model in addition to an LTE-only model it would mean that device costs are only continuing to increase which means more money out of pocket for consumers eyeing the top tier phone.


Consumers would probably still pay those high prices though if they felt the value is there warranting the cost, even if some consumers are choosing to stick with devices longer these days.

August 7 is just around the corner, technically, but it’s still a little over a month and a half away, so Samsung has plenty of time to change any details about when and how and where it chooses to unveil the latest in its Galaxy Note lineup of smartphones.

Though it’s not meant to really compete with Google’s Pixel line, the screen size of the Galaxy Note devices is similar to the XL version of the Pixel, so consumers looking at phones with a display on the bigger end of the spectrum could consider both if they weren’t really considering the S Pen as a deciding factor.

Because of this Samsung might choose to stick with August 7 if that is the actual date for the Galaxy Note 10 announcement, as it would allow the company to stay ahead of any other popular device reveals that tend to happen towards the end of the Summer and beginning of Fall.


Though Samsung’s Note series smartphones aren’t as popular as the Galaxy S lineup, they have still typically done very well in most iterations and have carved out a rather popular piece of the device pie. No doubt more and more consumers who have kept interest in the Note line all these years will be looking ever more forward to what Samsung has in store for them now that a potential announcement date has been revealed.