ASUS ZenFone 6's Flip Camera Survives Torture Tests: Video

ASUS ZenFone 6 camera durability 1

The ASUS ZenFone 6’s flip camera is actually quite durable. JerryRigEverything YouTube channel tested out the durability of ZenFone 6’s camera setup, and the phone itself, in fact. The video itself is about seven minutes long, and it is embedded down below.

The ZenFone 6’s flip camera setup does not inspire a lot of confidence when you see it, as far as durability is concerned. If you try to poke the camera with your finger while it’s sitting on the back or the front, you will see that it has some breathing room, it’s not exactly fixed in that place, and that managed to scare some people.

Well, the source tested out this camera in a number of ways to prove how durable it is. We’ll talk about the durability of the rest of the phone later on, let’s focus on the camera first, shall we. ASUS says that the ZenFone 6’s camera can flip out 100,000 times without a problem, which does instill some confidence.


The source tried to block the camera with its finger on its way out, and the camera did make some weird sounds, but that did not affect its performance. He also manually flipped out the camera, and that didn’t hurt it either, in fact, the camera simply went back to its original position as the camera app was not open.

The ZenFone 6 also has that auto-retract feature that we’ve seen on the OnePlus 7 Pro. If the phone detects that it has been dropped, it will holster its flip camera setup, and it’s actually quite fast to do so.

If you grab the flip camera only, without holding the phone, the motor will be unable to move the camera, as it does not have that much power. The source even tried to taping some objects to the camera to see whether it can handle the weight. It was unable to flip out with ASUS’ instructions booklet attached to it, the same happened when a screwdriver was attached to it. The phone’s camera was able to lift up a simple pry tool, though.


It is also worth noting that the phone’s motor was not powerful enough to raise the phone itself. When the camera was flipped out, the source tried to activate its retract feature, but considering the weight of the phone, the camera remained in its position. The camera also managed to survive other forms of abuse, as the source yanked it all over the place, even waved the phone around by holding it just for the camera. After all that, the camera continued to work normally.

Regarding the rest of the phone… the ZenFone 6 has Gorilla Glass 6 protection on top of its display, and as expected, scratches were visible when a level 6 pick was used. The phone’s earpiece is covered by plastic, and the camera lenses are protected by a glass panel, while the LED flash is covered by plastic.

The phone’s frame is made out of metal, the same goes for its buttons. The ZenFone 6 camera housing is made out of metal, as is the camera cavity. The phone’s fingerprint scanner can be scratched, but it continued working normally after it was scratched.
The phone’s display was able to handle eight seconds of flame before pixels shut off, but everything went back to normal after that. The phone also managed to survive the bend test without a problem, it barely moved at all.